Presidents of the Government of the Azores

President of the
Government of the Azores
Presidência do Governo dos Açores

Vasco Cordeiro

since 6 November 2012
Style President
Residence Palace of Santana/Jácome Correia
Term length 4 years
Inaugural holder João Bosco Mota Amaral
Formation 8 September 1976
Deputy Sérgio Ávila

Presidents of the Government of the Azores are heads of government for the autonomous local authority of the Azores, since the Carnation Revolution that installed the democratic Third Portuguese Republic. The list below includes the leaders of the transitional regimes and those presidents designated after the institutionalization of the autonomy statute that provided archipelago with its laws and democratic rights.

Following the first elections, held on 8 September 1976, the leader of the first party was installed as first President of the Government of the Azores (João Bosco Mota Amaral), responsible for forming his executive and cabinet to administer the functioning of the public service in the Azores.


The numbering reflects the uninterrupted terms in office served by each president. For example, Carlos César served four consecutive terms and is counted as the third president (not the seventh, eighth, ninth or tenth presidents): the Roman numerals refer to the legislature that their terms encompassed. Altino Pinto de Magalhães served as the first and only president of the Regional Junta, the provisional government that functioned during the transition towards democracy. The Military Governor of the Azores, until 22 August 1975, he was selected to preside over the Junta Governativa dos Açores (Governing Junta of the Azores), a commission that developed the Azorean autonomy statute. This commission became extinct with the first duly elected Legislature and appointed Government of the Azores.

The current President of the Government of the Azores is Vasco Cordeiro, whose party won an absolute majority in the Azorean regional election on 14 October 2012.

The colors indicate the political affiliation of each President.

  No party
  Social Democratic
Term # President
PortraitTook office Left office Party
Regional Junta of the Azores (1975–1976)
Altino Pinto de Magalhães[1]
b. 8 May 1922
27 August 1975 8 September 1976 Armed Forces Movement
Regional Government of the Azores (1976–Present)
João Bosco Mota Amaral[2]
b. 15 April 1943
8 September 1976 20 October 1980 Social Democratic
II 20 October 1980 8 November 1984
III 8 November 1984 30 November 1988
IV 30 November 1988 28 October 1992
V 28 October 1992 20 October 1995
Alberto Madruga da Costa
b. 15 April 1940
20 October 1995 9 November 1996 Social Democratic
Carlos César
b. 30 October 1956
9 November 1996 15 November 2000 Socialist
VIII 15 November 2000 16 November 2004
IX 2004 2008
X 2008 6 November 2012
Vasco Cordeiro
b. 28 March 1973
6 November 2012 Present Socialist

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  1. Altino Pinto de Magalhães, former Military Governor of the Azores, served as President of the Regional Junta of the Azores, the de facto head of government following the Carnation Revolution to the taking office of Mota Amaral, the 1st President of the Regional Government of the Azores.
  2. Mota Amaral was the first appointed President of the Regional Government of the Azores, following the transition to democracy.
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