Micro-Professor MPF-I

Micro-Professor MPF-I

Microprofessor I
Also known as MPF-1
Developer Multitech
Manufacturer Multitech (1981-1993)[1]
Flite Electronics International Limited (1993-)[2][3]
Release date 1981 (1981)
Operating system 2 kByte monitor ROM
CPU Zilog Z80 @ 1.79 Mhz
Memory 2 kByte RAM
Display six digit 7-segment display.
Sound Beeper
Input Hexadecimal calculator-type keyboard (36 keys including, 16 hexadecimal keys, 19 function keys, and one user-definable key)

The Micro-Professor MPF-I, introduced in 1981 by Multitech (which, in 1987, changed its name to Acer), was the first branded computer product from Multitech and probably one of the world's longest selling computers. The MPF-I, specifically designed to teach the fundamentals of machine code and assembly language, is a simple and easy to use training system for the Zilog Z80 microprocessor.

The MPF-I does not look like a typical microcomputer. It is enclosed in a vacuum formed plastic book case often used to store a copy of a language textbook, two audio cassettes, and a training manual. When closed, the MPF-I can be placed on a bookshelf for easy storage and looks just like a book or a file.

On 24 February 1993, Flite Electronics International Limited in Southampton, England, at that time an international distributor for Acer, purchased the copyright to the MPF-I's training manuals, as well as its firmware and hardware intellectual property rights from Acer. Currently, Flite is still manufacturing and selling the Micro-Professor as the MPF-1B.


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