Meridiano Televisión

Meridiano Televisión
Type Broadcast Television Network
Country Venezuela
Availability National
Owner Bloque De Armas
Key people
Martin De Armas, President Bloque De Armas
Dr. Andres De Armas, Vice-president Bloque De Armas
Armando De Armas, Vice-president Bloque De Armas
Juan Andres Daza, General Manager Meridiano Televisión
Armando Rafael De Armas, General Director Meridiano Televisión
Launch date
37 and 39
Official website

Meridiano Televisión is a 24-hour sports network in Venezuela.


Meridiano Televisión was created in 1996 as a privately owned television network in Venezuela, exclusively dedicated to national and international sports. Its owned by Bloque De Armas, a company that is also the owner the newspaper, Diario Meridiano, which also specializes in sports.

With many similarities to the sport network ESPN, Meridiano Televisión transmits almost all sporting events, mainly baseball (the Major League of Baseball and the Venezuelan League of Professional Baseball) because it is considered to be the Venezuelan national sport. Also, sporting events that are popular in Venezuela and that are widely seen on Meridiano Televisión are Venezuela First Division games, the Spanish La Liga, the Frenz International Cup, the AFF Cup, the AFC Cup 2016 and the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Euro 2012 among others.


The most watched programs on Meridiano Televisión are:

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