The Maryland State Medical Society, commonly known as MedChi, a shortened form of the state medical society's full and ancient historic name: "The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland" is the Maryland state-level affiliate of the national body of the American Medical Association, founded in 1799. It represents the interests of physicians and citizens in the state of Maryland "from unscrupulous and untrained practitioners holding themselves out as health care providers."[1] "MedChi" has offices in Baltimore and Annapolis, the state capital.


MedChi was founded in January 1799, in Annapolis by 101 leaders of the medical profession in Maryland, including Dr. Ashton Alexander, its first secretary, treasurer, and last surviving charter member.[2] The physicians who started the organization represented most of Maryland's counties.[3] The Maryland General Assembly approved a petition for a charter for an incorporated society of physicians in Maryland to be known as "The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland". ("Chirurgical" was the common spelling of surgical at the time of the 18th Century.) The society became the seventh of its kind established in the country. MedChi is composed of 24 component medical societies, plus international medical graduates, residents, and medical students sections.[1] MedChi's governing body is known as the "House of Delegates" and elects the MedChi president each year. The president of the Society must be a Maryland physician.[4]


Current MedChi staff includes:

Notable past presidents


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