Matěj Kůs

Matěj Kůs
Born (1989-07-11) 11 July 1989
Plzeň, Czech Republic
Nationality  Czech Republic
Current club information
British league Redcar Bears
Career history
2007 Berwick Bandits
2007 TŻ Lublin (POL)
2011- Redcar Bears

Matěj Kůs (born 11 July 1989, in Plzeň, Czech Republic) is an international motorcycle speedway rider who has raced with the Berwick Bandits and Redcar Bears in the British Premier League in 2007.[1]

Career summary

Kůs has represented the Czech Republic at Under-21 level and was named as meeting reserve for the 2007 Czech Republic Grand Prix. He became a full Czech international rider when he was selected for the 2008 Speedway World Cup. In 2014 Kus rode for Berwick Bandits returning to his parent club Redcar Bears in 2015

Kůs currently rides for the Newcastle Diamonds in the Premier League for the 2016 season

Crash incident

Kůs was racing for the Berwick Bandits, when a crash left him unconscious for 45 minutes. When he awoke he was suffering from amnesia and reportedly spoke perfect English, a sudden and unexplained knowledge of English, a paranormal phenomenon known as xenoglossy.[2] As Kůs had just begun to study the English language, his team members were shocked to hear him speaking the language perfectly. However the effect did not last long and Kůs had no recollection of the incident after two days.[3]

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