List of universities and colleges in Saudi Arabia

This is the list of universities, colleges and institutes in Saudi Arabia.

By province

University/College Foundation City Website
Riyadh Province
King Saud University 1957 Riyadh
Princess Nora bint Abdul Rahman University 1970 Riyadh (in Arabic)
Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University 1974 Riyadh
Prince Sultan University 1999 Riyadh
Arab Open University 2002 Riyadh
Riyadh College of Dentistry and Pharmacy 2004 Riyadh,
Al Yamamah University 2004 Riyadh
Dar Al Uloom University 2005 Riyadh
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences 2005 Riyadh
Alfaisal University 2007 Riyadh
Arab East Colleges 2008 Riyadh,
Almaarefa College for Science and Technology 2008 Riyadh
Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University 2008 Al Kharj
Al Farabi College of Dentistry and Nursing 2009 Riyadh,
Technical Trainers College 2009 Riyadh
Majmaah University 2010 Majmaah
Shaqra University 2010 Shagra
Saudi Electronic University 2011 Riyadh
Makkah Province
King Abdulaziz University 1967 Jeddah
Umm Al-Qura University 1979 Mecca
Leadership Community College 2015 Jeddah
Jeddah College of Technology 1987 Jeddah
Effat University 1999 Jeddah
Dar Al-Hekma College 1999 Jeddah
College of Business Administration (CBA) 2000 Jeddah
Prince Sultan Aviation Academy 2004 Jeddah
Taif University 2004 Taif
Batterjee Medical College 2005 Jeddah
Arab Open University 2006 Jeddah
Prince Sultan College For Tourism and Business 2007 Jeddah
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology 2009 Thuwal
Jeddah Teacher's College Jeddah
College of Telecom & Electronics Jeddah
Jeddah Private College Jeddah
Jeddah College of Health Care Jeddah
Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies Jeddah
University of Jeddah 2014 Jeddah
Eastern Province
Dammam College of Technology Dammam
Dammam Community College Dammam
Al Ahsa College of Technology Al Ahsa
King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals 1963[1] Dhahran
University of Dammam 1975 Dammam
King Faisal University 1975 Al Ahsa
Jubail Industrial College 1978 Jubail
Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences 1988 Dhahran
Hafr Al-Batin Community College 1999 Hafr Al-Batin
Jubail Technical College 2005 Jubail
University College of Jubail 2006 Jubail
Qatif College of Technology 2006 Qatif
University of Hafr al Batin 2014 Hafr al Batin
Arab Open University 2006 Dammam
Prince Mohammad University 2006 Khobar
Al-Kharj University 2010 Al-Kharj
Medina Province
Islamic University of Medina 1961 Medina
Yanbu Industrial College 1989 Yanbu
Madinah College of Technology 1996 Medina
Taibah University 2005 Medina
Yanbu University College 2005 Yanbu
Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) 2010 Medina
Asir Province
King Khalid University 1998 Abha
IBN Rushd College for Management Sciences Abha
Al Qassim Province
College of Food and Environment Technology in Buraydah 2000 Buraydah
Qassim University 2004 Al-Qassim
Sulaiman Al Rajhi University Bakireya
Al Jawf Province
Al Jawf University 2005 Sakakah
Jizan Province
Jazan University 2005 Jizan
Ha'il Province
University of Hail 2006 Ha'il
Al Baha Province
Al Baha University 2006 Al-Baha
Najran Province
Najran University 2006 Najran
Northern Border Province
Northern Borders University Arar
Tabuk Province
Tabuk University Tabuk
Fahd bin Sultan University 2003 Tabuk
Multi Cities
Institute of Public Administration Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Dammam


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