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This article lists political parties in Kenya.

Political culture

Kenya's system is one with characteristics comparable with a two-party system, since two dominant political parties c.q. coalitions have dominated since the last general elections in 2007. However, it has been a multi-party system since 1992 and one of the ruling coalitions consists of several parties. Kenya had over 160 registered political parties as of November 2007,[1]

Following the implementation of several Political Parties Acts starting with the 31 December 2008 act, the number of political parties has been coming down considerably since.[2][3][4] With the lapseing of the registration period set out in the most recent political parties act on 30 April 2012, twenty-four political parties had gained registration certificates while 22 others had applied for registration.[5][6]

The parties

Parties with Registration Certificates[7]

Labour Party of Kenya (LPK)

Parties awaiting Certificates


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