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This article details the various political parties in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has seen extensive civil conflict since independence in 1960, and no free and fair election had been held there until 2006. In the absence of an effective central government, most political groups (especially those in the interior) exist solely to control territory and enforce allegiance to certain leaders instead of performing the typical party functions of electoral participation and ideological debate.

278 parties are registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The parties

Party Name Party Leader
Alliance for Congo's Renewal (Alliance pour le Renouveau du Congo/ARC) Olivier Kamitatu Etsu
Christian Democracy (Démocratie Chrétienne/DC) Eugène Diomi Ndongala
Christian Democrats Party (Parti des Démocrates Chrétiens/PDC) José Endundo Bononge
Christian Republican Party (Parti Chrétien Républicain/PCR) Gilbert Kiakwama Kiakiziki
Congolese National Movement–Lumumba (Mouvement National Congolais–Lumumba/MNC–L) François Lumumba
Congolese Rally for Democracy–Goma (Rassemblement Congolais pour la Démocratie/RCD–G) Azarias Ruberwa
Congolese Rally for Democracy–Kisangani-Liberation Movement (Rassemblement Congolais pour la Démocratie–Kisangani–Mouvement de Libération/RCD–K–ML) Antipas Mbusa Myanwisi
Congolese Solidarity for Democracy (Solidarité Congolaise pour la Démocratie/SCODE) Jean Claude Muyambo
Democrats of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Le Démocrate, République Démocratique du Congo) A. Mande Monga
Democratic Social Christian Party (Parti Démocrate Social Chrétien/PDSC) André Bo-Boliko Lokonga
Federalist Christian Democracy – Convention of Federalists for Christian Democracy (Démocratie Chrétienne Fédéraliste – Convention des Fédéralistes pour la Démocratie Chrétienne/DCF–COFEDEC) Venant Tshipasa (Pierre Pay Pay Presidential candidate)
Liberal Christian Democrats Union (Union des Libéraux Démocrates Chrétiens/ULDC) Raymond Tshibanda
Movement for the Liberation of Congo (Mouvement pour la Liberation du Congo/MLC) Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo
National Alliance Party for Unity (Parti de l'Alliance Nationale pour l'Unité/PANU) André-Philippe Futa
National Democratic Action ( Action Démocratique Nationale / ADENA) Clovis Kabongo Malemba
NATIONAL PEOPLE's PATRIOTIC PARTY OF the Congo - DRC / '''NPPPC''' (NOUVEAU PARTI PATRIOTIQUE DU PEUPLE CONGOLAIS/ NPPPC) Sapard Vincent-de Paul Mozes Mulumba Ngandu Tshimankinda KALALA Candidat Présidentiel - [ Presidential candidate 2011 ]
Parti Travailliste Congolais (PTC) Thomas Ilenda Touzayamoko
People's Party for Reconstruction and Democracy (Parti du Peuple pour la Reconstruction et la Démocratie/PPRD) Évariste Boshab
People's Salvation Front (Front Populaire du Salut/FPS) Ahmed Padia Binkatabana
Popular Movement of the Revolution/Nzuzi Faction (Mouvement Populaire de la Revolution/Fait Privé/MPR-FP) Catherine Nzuzi wa Mbombo
Unified Lumumbist Party (Parti Lumumbiste Unifié/PALU) Antoine Gizenga
Union for Democracy and Social Progress (Union pour la Démocratie et le Progrès Social/UDPS) Étienne Tshisekedi
Union for the Republic National Movement/UNIR NM (Union pour la République - Mouvement national/UNIR MN) Boyenga Bofala
Union of Congolese nationalist Federalists/UNAFEC (Union Nationale des fédéralistes du Congo - UNAFEC)
Union for Congo's Reconstruction (Union pour la Reconstruction du Congo/UREC) Oscar Kashala
Voix Independante du Peuple (Voix Independante du Peuple/VIP) Eddy Dishueme

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