List of places in Leeds

City of Leeds, West Yorkshire is a large city in England that includes several separate towns and villages and many other identifiable areas.

Divisions of Leeds

The metropolitan borough is divided into 33 wards, each of which elects three members of Leeds City Council. The ward boundaries were last reorganised in 2004. A map of the wards is available on the council website,[1] as is a postcode-to-ward tool.[2] Leeds is represented by eight Members of Parliament. Since boundary changes made before the 2010 general election, the constituencies are Elmet and Rothwell, Leeds Central, Leeds East, Leeds North East, Leeds North West, Leeds West, Morley and Outwood (three out of five wards) and Pudsey. The constituency boundaries coincide with ward boundaries, so that each constituency comprises four or five complete wards; the Morley and Outwood constituency includes three Leeds wards and two Wakefield wards.

Leeds City Council divides the city into ten "Management areas" (Inner and Outer areas of North West, North East, East, South and West), which are included in this table to give a way to sort places into those ten geographical groups. Leeds is largely covered by LS post codes, most but not all of which have Leeds as their Post town to be used in postal addresses. Parts of the city have BD (Bradford) or WF (Wakefield) post codes, and some LS post codes are outside the city (in particular LS25 covering Tadcaster and LS29 covering Ilkley). The council provides a map of postcode areas.[3]

The city's current boundaries came into being on 1 April 1974, set by the Local Government Act 1972. Before this, there existed a smaller County Borough of Leeds, and parts of today's city were in various other administrative areas. Leeds includes part or all of the former Municipal Boroughs of Morley and Pudsey, the Rural Districts of Tadcaster, Wetherby and Wharfedale, and the Urban Districts of Aireborough, Garforth, Horsforth, Otley and Rothwell.

List of places in Leeds

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Placename Leeds City Council Ward Parliamentary Constituency Management Area Post-
Post Town Pre-1974 authority Note
AberfordHarewoodElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS25LEEDSTadcaster RD
Adel Adel & WharfedaleLeeds NWNW OuterLS16LEEDSLeeds CB
AdwaltonMorley NorthMorley & Out.S OuterBD11BRADFORDMorley MB
AinstyWetherbyElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS22WETHERBYWetherby RD
Aireborough LEEDSAireborough UD
Allerton BywaterKippax & MethleyElmet & Roth.E OuterWF10CASTLEFORDGarforth UD
Alwoodley AlwoodleyLeeds NENE OuterLS17LEEDSLeeds CB
ArmleyArmleyLeeds WW InnerLS12LEEDSLeeds CB
ArthingtonOtley & YeadonLeeds NWNW OuterLS21OTLEYWharfedale RD
AusthorpeTemple NewsamLeeds EE OuterLS15LEEDSTadcaster RD
Bardsey cum RigtonHarewoodElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS17LEEDSWetherby RD
BardseyHarewoodElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS17LEEDSWetherby RD
Barwick-in-ElmetHarewoodElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS15LEEDSTadcaster RD
Beck HillChapel AllertonLeeds NENE InnerLS7LEEDSLeeds CB
Beckett ParkWeetwoodLeeds NWNW InnerLS6LEEDSLeeds CB
BeestonBeeston & HolbeckLeeds CS InnerLS11LEEDSLeeds CB
Beeston HillBeeston & HolbeckLeeds CS InnerLS11LEEDSLeeds CBAlso in City & Hunslet ward.
Belle IsleMiddleton ParkLeeds CS InnerLS10LEEDSLeeds CB
BlenheimHyde Park & WoodhouseLeeds CNW InnerLS2LEEDSLeeds CB
Boston SpaWetherbyElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS23WETHERBYWetherby RD
Bramham cum OglethorpeWetherbyElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS23WETHERBYWetherby RD
BramhopeAdel & WharfedaleLeeds NWNW OuterLS16LEEDSWharfedale RD
BramleyBramley & StanningleyLeeds WW InnerLS13LEEDSLeeds CB
BramstanBramley & StanningleyLeeds WW InnerLS13LEEDS
Burley KirkstallLeeds WNW InnerLS5LEEDSLeeds CBalso LS4, LS6. Also in Headingley ward.
BurmantoftsBurmantofts & Richmond HillLeeds CE InnerLS9LEEDSLeeds CB
BuslingthorpeChapel AllertonLeeds NENE InnerLS7LEEDSLeeds CB
CalverleyCalverley & FarsleyPudseyW OuterLS28PUDSEYPudsey MB
Carlton (WF3)RothwellElmet & Roth.S OuterWF3WAKEFIELDRothwell UD
Carlton (LS11)Otley & YeadonLeeds NWNW OuterLS11LEEDSWharfedale RD
Chapel AllertonChapel AllertonLeeds NENE InnerLS7LEEDSLeeds CB
ChapeltownChapel AllertonLeeds NENE InnerLS7LEEDSLeeds CB
ChurwellMorley NorthMorley & Out.S OuterLS27LEEDSMorley MB
CliffordWetherbyElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS23WETHERBYWetherby RD
CockersdaleMorley NorthMorley & Out.S OuterBD11BRADFORD
CollinghamHarewoodElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS22WETHERBYWetherby RD
ColtonTemple NewsamLeeds EE OuterLS15LEEDSLeeds CB
CookridgeAdel & WharfedaleLeeds NWNW OuterLS16LEEDSLeeds CB
CottingleyBeeston & HolbeckLeeds CS InnerLS11LEEDSLeeds CB
Cranmer BankAlwoodleyLeeds NENE OuterLS17LEEDSLeeds CB
Cross GatesCrossgates & WhinmoorLeeds EE OuterLS15LEEDSLeeds CB
Cross GreenBurmantofts & Richmond HillLeeds CE InnerLS9LEEDS
DrighlingtonMorley NorthMorley & Out.S OuterBD11BRADFORDMorley MB
East ArdsleyArdsley & Robin HoodMorley & Out.S OuterWF3WAKEFIELDMorley MB
East End ParkBurmantofts & Richmond HillLeeds CE InnerLS9LEEDSLeeds CB
East KeswickHarewoodElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS17LEEDSWetherby RD
Far HeadingleyWeetwoodLeeds NWNW InnerLS16LEEDSLeeds CB
FarnleyFarnley & WortleyLeeds WW OuterLS12LEEDSLeeds CB
FarsleyCalverley & FarsleyPudseyW OuterLS28PUDSEYPudsey MB
FearnvilleKillingbeck & SeacroftLeeds E.E InnerLS8LeedsLeeds CB
Fulneck Moravian SettlementPudseyPudseyW OuterLS28PUDSEYPudsey MB
GarforthGarforth & SwillingtonElmet & Roth.E OuterLS25LEEDSGarforth UD
GildersomeMorley NorthMorley & Out.S OuterLS27LEEDSMorley MB
GiptonGipton & HarehillsLeeds EE InnerLS8LEEDSLeeds CBalso LS9
GledhowRoundhayLeeds NENE InnerLS8LEEDSLeeds CB
Great PrestonGarforth & SwillingtonElmet & Roth.E OuterLS26LEEDSTadcaster RD
GuiseleyGuiseley & RawdonPudseyNW OuterLS20LEEDSAireborough UD
HaltonTemple NewsamLeeds EE OuterLS15LEEDSLeeds CB
Halton MoorTemple NewsamLeeds EE OuterLS15LEEDSLeeds CB
HarehillsGipton & HarehillsLeeds EE InnerLS8LEEDSLeeds CBalso LS9
HarewoodHarewoodElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS17LEEDSWetherby RD
HawksworthKirkstallLeeds WNW InnerLS5LEEDS
HawksworthGuiseley & RawdonPudseyNW OuterLS20LEEDSAireborough UD
HeadingleyHeadingleyLeeds NWNW InnerLS6LEEDSLeeds CB
HolbeckBeeston & HolbeckLeeds CS InnerLS11LEEDSLeeds CB
Holbeck Urban VillageBeeston & HolbeckLeeds CS InnerLS11LEEDSLeeds CB
Holt ParkAdel & WharfedaleLeeds NWNW OuterLS16LEEDSLeeds CB
HorsforthHorsforthPudseyNW OuterLS18LEEDSHorsforth UD
HunsletCity & HunsletLeeds CS InnerLS10LEEDSLeeds CB
Hyde ParkHyde Park & WoodhouseLeeds CNW InnerLS6LEEDSLeeds CBalso in Headingley ward
Ireland WoodWeetwoodLeeds NWNW InnerLS16LEEDSLeeds CB
KillingbeckKillingbeck & SeacroftLeeds EE InnerLS14LEEDSLeeds CB
KippaxKippax & MethleyElmet & Roth.E OuterLS26LEEDSGarforth UD
KirkstallKirkstallLeeds WNW InnerLS5LEEDSLeeds CBalso LS4
LawnswoodWeetwoodLeeds NWNW InnerLS16LEEDSLeeds CB
LedshamKippax & MethleyElmet & Roth.E OuterLS25LEEDSTadcaster RD
LedstonKippax & MethleyElmet & Roth.E OuterWF10CASTLEFORDTadcaster RD
Leeds city centreCity & HunsletLeeds CS InnerLS1LEEDSLeeds CBalso LS2
Lincoln GreenBurmantoftsLeeds C E InnerLS9 LEEDSLeeds CB
LintonWetherbyElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS22WETHERBYWetherby RD
Little LondonHyde Park & WoodhouseLeeds CNW InnerLS7LEEDSLeeds CB
LofthouseArdsley & Robin HoodMorley & Out.S OuterWF3WAKEFIELDRothwell UD
Lovell ParkLS7LEEDS
MabgateBurmantofts & Richmond HillLeeds CE InnerLS9LEEDSLeeds CB
ManstonLS15 LEEDS
MeanwoodMoortownLeeds NENE InnerLS6LEEDSLeeds CBalso LS7
MethleyKippax & MethleyElmet & Roth.E OuterLS26LEEDSRothwell UD
MicklefieldKippax & MethleyElmet & Roth.E OuterLS25LEEDSTadcaster RD
MicklethwaiteWetherbyElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS22WETHERBYWetherby RD
MickletownKippax & MethleyElmet & Roth.E OuterLS26LEEDSTadcaster RD
Middleton Middleton ParkLeeds CS InnerLS10LEEDSLeeds CB
Miles HillChapel AllertonLeeds NENE InnerLS7LEEDSLeeds CB
Moor AllertonAlwoodleyLeeds NENE OuterLS17LEEDSLeeds CB
Moor GrangeKirkstallLeeds WNW InnerLS16LEEDSLeeds CB
MoorsideBramley & StanningleyLeeds WW InnerLS13LEEDSLeeds CB
Moortown MoortownLeeds NENE InnerLS17LEEDSLeeds CB
MorleyMorley NorthMorley & Out.S OuterLS27LEEDSMorley MBAlso in Morley South ward
NewallOtley & YeadonLeeds NWNW OuterLS21OTLEYOtley UD
OakwoodRoundhayLeeds NENE InnerLS8LEEDSLeeds CB
OsmondthorpeBurmantofts & Richmond HillLeeds CE InnerLS9LEEDSLeeds CB
OtleyOtley & YeadonLeeds NWNW OuterLS21OTLEYOtley UD
OultonRothwellElmet & Roth.S OuterLS26LEEDSRothwell UD
Pendas Fields
Pool-in-WharfedaleOtley & YeadonLeeds NWNW OuterLS21OTLEYWharfedale RD
PotternewtonChapel AllertonLeeds NENE InnerLS7LEEDSLeeds CB
PottertonWetherbyElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS15LEEDS Tadcaster RD
PudseyPudseyPudseyW OuterLS28PUDSEYPudsey MB
Quarry HillCity & HunsletLeeds CE InnerLS2LEEDSLeeds CB
RawdonGuiseley & RawdonPudseyNW OuterLS19LEEDSAireborough UD
Richmond HillBurmantofts & Richmond HillLeeds CE InnerLS9LEEDSLeeds CB
Robin HoodArdsley & Robin HoodMorley & Out.S OuterWF3WAKEFIELD
RodleyBramley & StanningleyLeeds WW InnerLS13LEEDSLeeds CB
RothwellRothwellElmet & Roth.S OuterLS26LEEDSRothwell UD
RoundhayRoundhayLeeds NENE InnerLS8LEEDSLeeds CB
ScarcroftHarewoodElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS14LEEDSWetherby RD
ScholesHarewoodElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS15LEEDSTadcaster RD
Scott HallChapel AllertonLeeds NENE InnerLS7LEEDSLeeds CB
SeacroftKillingbeck & SeacroftLeeds EE InnerLS14LEEDSLeeds CB
ShadwellHarewoodElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS17LEEDSLeeds CB
SheepscarChapel AllertonLeeds NENE InnerLS7LEEDSLeeds CB
StanningleyBramley & StanningleyLeeds WW InnerLS28PUDSEYPudsey MB
StourtonCity & HunsletLeeds CE InnerLS10LEEDSRothwell UD
Sturton Grange
SwarcliffeCrossgates & WhinmoorLeeds EE OuterLS14LEEDSLeeds CB
SwillingtonGarforth & SwillingtonElmet & Roth.E OuterLS26LEEDSTadcaster RD
SwinnowPudseyPudseyW OuterLS13LEEDSLeeds CB
ThornerHarewoodElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS14LEEDSWetherby RD
Thorp ArchWetherbyElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS23WETHERBYWetherby RD
Thorpe on the HillArdsley & Robin HoodMorley & Out.S OuterWF3WAKEFIELDRothwell UD
TingleyMorley SouthMorley & Out.S OuterWF3WAKEFIELDMorley MBalso Robin Hood and Ardsley
TinshillWeetwoodLeeds NWNW InnerLS16LEEDSLeeds CB
TyersalPudseyPudseyW OuterBD4BRADFORD
WaltonWetherbyElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS23WETHERBYWetherby RD
WeardleyHarewoodElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS17LEEDS
WeetwoodWeetwoodLeeds NWNW InnerLS16LEEDSLeeds CB
West ArdsleyArdsley & Robin HoodMorley & Out.S OuterWF3WAKEFIELDMorley MB
West ParkWeetwoodLeeds NWNW InnerLS16LEEDSLeeds CB
WetherbyWetherbyElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS22WETHERBYWetherby RD
WhinmoorCrossgates & WhinmoorLeeds EE OuterLS14LEEDSLeeds CB
WhitkirkTemple NewsamLeeds EE OuterLS15LEEDSLeeds CB
WikeHarewoodElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS17LEEDS
WoodhouseHyde Park & WoodhouseLeeds CNW InnerLS3LEEDSLeeds CBalso LS2, LS6
WoodlesfordRothwellElmet & Roth.S OuterLS26LEEDSRothwell UD
WortleyFarnley & WortleyLeeds WW OuterLS12LEEDSLeeds CB
WothersomeHarewoodElmet & Roth.NE OuterLS23WETHERBYWetherby RD
WykebeckTemple NewsamLeeds EE OuterLS9LEEDSLeeds CB
YeadonOtley & YeadonLeeds NWNW OuterLS19LEEDSAireborough UD


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