List of islands of Taiwan

This is a list of islands under the administration of the Republic of China (ROC), commonly referred to as Taiwan, classified into various island groups. The island of Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa, is the largest island and the main component of whole ROC governing territories. Islands that are actively claimed by the ROC but not administered, such as the Senkaku Islands and most of South China Sea Islands, are excluded from the list.

After the amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of China in 1990s, the islands on this list collectively form the term of "Taiwan Area" (or ROC "free area"), which legally define the area effectively under the ROC government's control.

Archipelagos of Taiwan

Other nameMajor islandsDivision
Taiwan臺灣TáiwānTâi-oânThòi-vànFormosa Taiwan, Orchid Island, Green Island, Lamay Island, Guishan Island Multiple
Penghu澎湖PénghúPhêⁿ-ôPhàng-fùPescadores Penghu, Xiyu, Baisha, Qimei, Wang'an Penghu County
Kinmen金門JīnménKim-mn̂gKîm-mùnQuemoy Kinmen, Lieyu, Dadan, Erdan Kinmen County
Matsu馬祖MǎzǔMá-chó͘Mâ-chú Nangan, Beigan, Dongyin, Xiyin, Dongju, Xiju Lienchiang County
Wuqiu烏坵WūqiūO·-kiuVû-hiuDaqiu, Xiaoqiu Kinmen County
Dongsha東沙DōngshāTang-soaTûng-sâPratasAll of Dongsha Islands Kaohsiung City
Nansha南沙NánshāLâm-soaNàm-sâSpratlyTaiping Island, Zhongzhou Reef Kaohsiung City

All ROC-controlled islands are claimed by the People's Republic of China. The PRC claims the islands of Taiwan and Penghu as part of its 23rd Taiwan Province, together with the Japanese-controlled Diaoyu Islands, which are also claimed by the ROC as part of its own Taiwan Province. The PRC claims Kinmen as Jinmen County, a county of the prefecture-level city Quanzhou, in Fujian Province. Matsu is claimed as Mazu, part of Lianjiang County, part of Fuzhou, in Fujian Province. Wuqiu Island is claimed as part of Xiuyu District, a district of the prefecture-level city Putian, in Fujian Province. The Dongsha Islands are claimed as part of Lufeng in Guangdong Province. The Nansha Islands controlled by the Republic of China, i.e. Taiping Island and Zhongzhou Reef, are claimed as part of Sansha, in Hainan Province.

The PRC thus claims the ROC-controlled islands as part of its own Taiwan Province (Taiwan and Penghu), Fujian Province (Kinmen, Matsu and Wuqiu), Guangdong Province (Dongsha) and Hainan Province (Nansha).

Taiwan and its surrounding islands

Location map of outlying islands governed by Taiwan


Matsu Islands


South China Sea Islands

Map of various countries occupying the Spratly Islands

The ROC keeps claims to all the South China Sea Islands,[1][2] but only the Pratas and part of the Spratly islands are under its control. They are governed as part of Cijin District, City of Kaohsiung.

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