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Yandroth is an other dimensional technomancer in the Marvel Universe.

The character, created by Jim Lawrence and Dan Adkins, first appeared in Strange Tales #164 (January 1968). He has appeared sporadically as an opponent to Doctor Strange.

Within the context of the stories, Yandroth is the "Scientist Supreme" of the other dimensional planet Yann, and a would-be-conqueror who encounters and challenges Doctor Strange, as a counterpart to the latter's title of Sorcerer Supreme.[1] Doctor Strange defeats Yandroth, sending him to fall forever through the Dimension of Dreams.[2]

During his fall, Yandroth gains a degree of magical knowledge including how to gain more power by destroying a world. Returning to Earth, he constructs the "Omegatron". When his physical body is killed in a traffic accident, his spirit inhabits and activates the Omegatron. In this state he battles Doctor Strange, Namor, and the Hulk, the Defenders, intending to use their conflict to provide the Omegatron with the power to activate all nuclear stockpiles in a single explosion. Strange places Yandroth under a time displacement spell to defeat him, preventing him from triggering the explosion as time is now frozen for him.[3]

When the Omegatron is released from the spell it is physically destroyed by the Defenders and Namorita,[4] but Yandroth's spirit possesses a young female chemist. Later he uses this form to telepathically attack the heroes only to be defeated again.[5] He is able to possess another host and sets in motion a plan to destroy the world. The original Defenders reform and stand against him. Learning that he is utilizing the captured form of Gaea to summon the monsters, they take the fight to him, disabling the spell needed to destroy the world, freeing Gaea, and destroying Yandroth. With his dying breath he curses the four who can barely stand one another so that they must come and work together in times of a severe crisis.[6] This curse later revives Yandroth and gives him control over the four Defenders. He uses this in an attempt to destroy Yann.[7]

He later reappears as a businessman assisted by a floating head called "Recorder". He attempts to manipulate events to gain god-level powers. This involves a later version of the Defenders gathered by Nighthawk and results in Yandroth disappearing when defeated.[8]

Yandroth's powers and abilities

Yandroth has the ability to manipulate the forces of magic for a number of effects. As a spirit, he has the ability to possess the mind of any living human with similar brain patterns.

Mariko Yashida

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Weapon P.R.I.M.E.


Yetrigar is a Sasquatch-like being created by writer Doug Moench and artist Herb Trimpe as an adversary for Godzilla in Marvel Comics. He first appeared in Godzilla #10, where he had grown to gargantuan proportions due to being exposed to radiation. His name comes from the legendary shaggy men that some believe live in the Japanese mountains.

Yetrigar battles Godzilla in the Grand Canyon. In his encounter with Godzilla, Yetrigar proves more than a match for the legendary 'King of the Monsters' and could have perhaps even killed Godzilla had Red Ronin not interceded.[9] Initially, Robert tries to prevent both entities from harming each other but ultimately buries Yetrigar beneath a rockslide. Ashamed of this action, Takiguchi temporarily fled in the Red Ronin battlesuit.[10]

Attempting to get revenge on Phantom Rider, Mockingbird led the West Coast Avengers to the Grand Canyon where Hamilton Slade was working on an archaeological project. To distract her teammates while she looked for Hamilton Slade, Mockingbird set up explosives which freed Yetrigar. The Avengers' attacks on the beast proved very futile until Henry Pym placed an object in Yetrigar's ear and used the Pym Particles to enlarge the device enough to knock him unconscious.[11]

After his defeat at the hands of the Avengers, Yetrigar was remanded to the Vault. In a prologue to Acts of Vengeance, Yetrigar was seen trying to break out of his energy cell during a mass-prison break. This was thwarted by Hawkeye and Iron Man who managed to trap the other villains (namely Angar the Screamer, Cactus, Electro, Griffin, Hydro-Man, Klaw, Mister Hyde, Orka, Scarecrow, Titania, and Whirlwind) that were trying to escape.[12]

After the Vault was shut down, Yetrigar was taken someplace else. It is most likely that he was placed on Monster Isle.[13]


Y'Garon is a demon in the Marvel Universe. The character, created by Chris Claremont and Don Heck, appeared in Giant-Size Dracula #2 (September 1974).

Within the context of the stories, Y'Garon is a demon who clashed with Dracula.

Ho Yinsen

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Yith is a fictional character that appears in Marvel Comics. A half-snake assassin, she first appeared in Spider-Man: Quality Of Life #1 (2002).

Yith and the Lizard fight each other until Spider-Man scares the Lizard away. Yith then attacks Spider-Man, and then the Lizard. Her employer orders her to kill the Lizard, but she kills her employer instead.


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Kagenobu Yoshioka

Kagenobu Yoshioka is a ninja and founder of the clan known as The Hand. He was created by Akira Yoshida and first appeared in Elektra: The Hand #1 (November 2004).

Yoshioka was the son of a samurai who lived with his single mother. When coming home from fishing, Yoshioka sees his mother about to be raped by a foreigner. Angered, he kills the foreigner, but his mother takes the blame. As his mother is taken away, she leaves behind a bloodied hand print on his shirt, which would become his emblem. He is then visited by Saburo Ishiyama who takes him in and becomes his sensei, training him in the ways of bushido. After training for ten years, a teenaged Yoshioka leaves the school to start his adult life.[14]

After three years of training, Yoshioka is asked to return to his sensei's school because of his death. He makes amends with his old rival, Daisuke Sasaki and together decide to rebel against the government by forming with other Japanese school leaders.[15] The Hand is visited by a foreigner and his daughter Eliza Martinez who come to the school hoping to be trained. After turning them down several times, Kagenobu finally accepts which angers Sasaki. Kagenobu personally trains Eliza and has her kill another foreigner simply because he wasn't Japanese. He informs Eliza that she is full of anger and that is why she chose to train with him, afterwards the two fall in love. Sasaki sends a member of the Hand to kill Eliza, but fails. Kagenobu learns that the Hand has become a mercenaries for hire organization; realizing that his school is slowly getting out of his control, Kagenobu fights and kills Sasaki.[16]

Kagenobu and Eliza both fight off the members of the Hand, but the former is slain by his once loyal students. Eliza overcome with grief kills herself as well.[17]

In other media

Nobu Yoshioka appears in both seasons of Daredevil played by Peter Shinkoda. He is a modern day representative of The Hand who teams up with Wilson Fisk's growing empire. He battles Daredevil in the ninth episode where he manages to brutally injure him before he is lit on fire. He returns in the second season revived, but scarred. He leads The Hand in finding a candidate to act as "Black Sky". He is beheaded by Stick.


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Yukon Jack

For the whisky-based drink, see Yukon Jack (liqueur).

Yukon Jack (Yukotujakzurjimozoata) is a member of Alpha Flight in the Marvel Universe. The character, created by Scott Lobdell and Clayton Henry, first appeared in Alpha Flight vol. 3, #1 (May 2004). He remained a member of the team through the series' conclusion in issue #12 (April 2005).

Within the context of the stories, Yukon Jack is a member of the superhero team Alpha Flight. He is a member of the Turpa'lurpa'todian tribes, specifically Kemteron. As a Turpa'lurpa'todian, he views himself as a demi-god, he makes references to his not being a normal human ("Greetings, Lady. I am a god among men.") and when electrocuted by Hiro Takachiho his skeleton showed few similarities to a normal human's. He went so far as to marry Snowbird, a proven goddess among men.

Yukon Jack was mentioned by Sasquatch, who said Jack was a mess because of all the time traveling business they had, presumably meaning that his wedding to the alternate Snowbird didn't go so well as first anticipated.[18]


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