List of ITU letter codes

The radiocommunication division of the International Telecommunication Union uses the following letter codes to identify its member countries. Eight countries are assigned single-letter codes, while the rest have codes three letters in length. The names of the countries are shown as mentioned in the ITU's official list:

Code Country
AFG Afghanistan
AFS South Africa (Republic of)
AGL Angola (Republic of)
ALB Albania (Republic of)
ALG Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of)
AND Andorra (Principality of)
ARG Argentine Republic
ARM Armenia (Republic of)
ARS Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of)
ATG Antigua and Barbuda
AUS Australia
AUT Austria
AZE Azerbaijani Republic
B Brazil (Federative Republic of)
BAH Bahamas (Commonwealth of the)
BDI Burundi (Republic of)
BEL Belgium
BEN Benin (Republic of)
BFA Burkina Faso
BGD Bangladesh (People's Republic of)
BHR Bahrain (Kingdom of)
BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina
BLR Belarus (Republic of)
BLZ Belize
BOL Bolivia (Republic of)
BOT Botswana (Republic of)
BRB Barbados
BRM Myanmar (Union of)
BRU Brunei Darussalam
BTN Bhutan (Kingdom of)
BUL Bulgaria (Republic of)
CAF Central African Republic
CAN Canada
CBG Cambodia (Kingdom of)
CHL Chile
CHN China (People's Republic of)
CLM Colombia (Republic of)
CLN Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of)
CME Cameroon (Republic of)
COD Democratic Republic of the Congo
COG Congo (Republic of the)
COM Comoros (Union of the)
CPV Cape Verde (Republic of)
CTI Côte d'Ivoire (Republic of)
CTR Costa Rica
CUB Cuba
CVA Vatican City State
CYP Cyprus (Republic of)
CZE Czech Republic
D Germany (Federal Republic of)
DJI Djibouti (Republic of)
DMA Dominica (Commonwealth of)
DNK Denmark
DOM Dominican Republic
E Spain
EGY Egypt (Arab Republic of)
EQA Ecuador
ERI Eritrea
EST Estonia (Republic of)
ETH Ethiopia (Federal Democratic Republic of)
F France
FIN Finland
FJI Fiji (Republic of)
FSM Micronesia (Federated States of)
G United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
GAB Gabonese Republic
GEO Georgia
GHA Ghana
GMB Gambia (Republic of the)
GNB Guinea-Bissau (Republic of)
GNE Equatorial Guinea (Republic of)
GRC Greece
GRD Grenada
GTM Guatemala (Republic of)
GUI Guinea (Republic of)
GUY Guyana
HND Honduras (Republic of)
HNG Hungary (Republic of)
HOL Netherlands (Kingdom of the)
HRV Croatia (Republic of)
HTI Haiti (Republic of)
I Italy
IND India (Republic of)
INS Indonesia (Republic of)
IRL Ireland
IRN Iran (Islamic Republic of)
IRQ Iraq (Republic of)
ISL Iceland
ISR Israel (State of)
J Japan
JMC Jamaica
JOR Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of)
KAZ Kazakhstan (Republic of)
KEN Kenya (Republic of)
KGZ Kyrgyz Republic
KIR Kiribati (Republic of)
KNA Saint Kitts and Nevis (Federation of)
KOR Korea (Republic of)
KRE Democratic People's Republic of Korea
KWT Kuwait (State of)
LAO Lao People's Democratic Republic
LBN Lebanon
LBR Liberia (Republic of)
LBY Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
LCA Saint Lucia
LIE Liechtenstein (Principality of)
LSO Lesotho (Kingdom of)
LTU Lithuania (Republic of)
LUX Luxembourg
LVA Latvia (Republic of)
MAU Mauritius (Republic of)
MCO Monaco (Principality of)
MDA Moldova (Republic of)
MDG Madagascar (Republic of)
MEX Mexico
MHL Marshall Islands (Republic of the)
MKD Republic of Macedonia
MLA Malaysia
MLD Maldives (Republic of)
MLI Mali (Republic of)
MLT Malta
MNE Montenegro (Republic of)
MNG Mongolia
MOZ Mozambique (Republic of)
MRC Morocco (Kingdom of)
MTN Mauritania (Islamic Republic of)
MWI Malawi
NCG Nicaragua
NGR Niger (Republic of the)
NIG Nigeria (Federal Republic of)
NMB Namibia (Republic of)
NOR Norway
NPL Nepal
NRU Nauru (Republic of)
NZL New Zealand
OMA Oman (Sultanate of)
PAK Pakistan (Islamic Republic of)
PHL Philippines (Republic of the)
PNG Papua New Guinea
PNR Panama (Republic of)
POL Poland (Republic of)
POR Portugal
PRG Paraguay (Republic of)
PRU Peru
QAT Qatar (State of)
ROU Romania
RRW Rwandese Republic
RUS Russian Federation
SWE Sweden
SDN Sudan (Republic of the)
SEN Senegal (Republic of)
SEY Seychelles (Republic of)
SLM Solomon Islands
SLV El Salvador (Republic of)
SMO Samoa (Independent State of)
SMR San Marino (Republic of)
SNG Singapore (Republic of)
SOM Somali Democratic Republic
SRB Serbia (Republic of)
SRL Sierra Leone
SSD South Sudan (Republic of)
STP São Tomé and Príncipe (Democratic Republic of)
SUI Switzerland (Confederation of)
SUR Suriname (Republic of)
SVK Slovakia
SVN Slovenia (Republic of)
SWZ Swaziland (Kingdom of)
SYR Syrian Arab Republic
TCD Chad (Republic of)
TGO Togolese Republic
THA Thailand
TJK Tajikistan (Republic of)
TKM Turkmenistan
TLS Timor-Leste (Democratic Republic of)
TON Tonga (Kingdom of)
TRD Trinidad and Tobago
TUN Tunisia
TUR Turkey
TUV Tuvalu
TZA Tanzania (United Republic of)
UAE United Arab Emirates
UGA Uganda (Republic of)
UKR Ukraine
URG Uruguay (Eastern Republic of)
USA United States of America
UZB Uzbekistan (Republic of)
VCT Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
VEN Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
VTN Vietnam (Socialist Republic of)
VUT Vanuatu (Republic of)
YEM Yemen (Republic of)
ZMB Zambia (Republic of)
ZWE Zimbabwe (Republic of)

The ITU also designates the following codes for other areas around the world that are not member states.

Code Area
ABW Aruba
AIA Anguilla
ALS Alaska (State of US)
AMS Saint Paul and Amsterdam Islands
AOE Western Sahara
ASC Ascension Island
ATA Antarctic
ATN Netherlands Antilles
AZR Azores
BER Bermuda
BIO Chagos Islands (Indian Ocean)
BVT Bouvet Island
CG7 CUB(Guantanamo) (7).[1]
CHR Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)
CKH Cook Islands
CNR Canary Islands
CPT Clipperton Island
CRO Crozet Archipelago
CYM Cayman Islands
DGA Diego Garcia
FLK Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
FRO Faroe Islands
GCA United Kingdom (Non-metropolitan) – Region 1
GCC United Kingdom – Region 3
GDL Guadeloupe (French Department of)
GIB Gibraltar
GRL Greenland
GUF Guiana (French Department of)
GUM Guam
HKG Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China)
HMD Heard and McDonald Islands
HWA Hawaii (State of)
HWL Howland Island
ICO Cocos (Keeling) Islands
JAR Jarvis Island
JON Johnston Island
KER Kerguelen Islands
MAC Macau (Special Administrative Region of China)
MDR Madeira
MDW Midway Islands
MRA Northern Mariana Islands (Commonwealth of the)
MRN Marion Island
MRT Martinique (French Department of)
MSR Montserrat
MYT Mayotte (Territorial Collectivity of)
NCL New Caledonia
NFK Norfolk Island
NIU Niue
OCE French Polynesia
PAQ Easter Island
PHX Phoenix Islands
PLM Palmyra Island
PLW Palau (Republic of)
PTC Pitcairn Island
PTR Puerto Rico
REU Réunion (French Department of)
RKS Kosovo
ROD Rodrigues
SHN Saint Helena
SMA American Samoa
SPM Saint Pierre and Miquelon (Territorial Collectivity of)
SWN Swan Islands
TCA Turks and Caicos Islands
TKL Tokelau
TRC Tristan da Cunha
VIR United States Virgin Islands
VRG British Virgin Islands
WAK Wake Island
WAL Wallis and Futuna Islands
XGZ Gaza Strip
XWB West Bank


  1. as defined in Appendix 26 to the Radio Regulations, Geneva, 1959; (7) means "USA stations"
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