List of Amanita species

The following is a list of some notable species of the agaric genus Amanita. This genus contains over 500 named species and varieties, but the list is far from exhaustive. The list follows the classification of subgenera and sections of Amanita outline by Corner and Bas; Bas,[1][2] as used by Tulloss (2007) and modified by Redhead & al. (2016)[3] for Amanita subgenus Amanitina and Singer for Amanita section Roanokenses. Bolding of the species name and an asterisk (*) following indicates the species is the type species of that section, with a double asterisk (**) indicating the type species of the entire genus. Use of common names follows Tulloss (2007), Holden (2003), Arora (1986), and Lincoff (1981).

Subgenus Amanita

Section Amanita

A. muscaria

Section Vaginatae


Section Caesareae

A. caesarea

Subgenus Amanitina

Section Phalloideae

A. phalloides

Section Validae

A. flavoconia

Section Roanokenses

A. abrupta

Section Amidella

Subgenus Lepidella (= Saproamanita)

Section Lepidella (= Saproamanita)


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