Lifesavers Underground

Lifesavers Underground
Also known as Lifesavors, Lifesavers, Lifesavers Underground, L.S. Underground
Origin California, United States
Genres Rock, new wave, post-punk, gothic rock (early)
Years active 19861998
Labels MCR, Frontline, Alarma, Blonde Vinyl
Members Michael Knott
Brian Doidge
Joshua Lory
Jim Chaffin
Rick McDonough
Past members Mark Krischak
Kevin Annis
Chris Wimber

Lifesavers Underground (a.k.a.LSU, and L.S. Underground) was one of many Michael Knott projects. The band formed in 1986 and combined elements of an earlier Knott project called Idle Lovell and LSU's sunnier alter ego Lifesavers.

Lifesavers Underground combined elements of punk, post punk, funk, hard rock, and other forms of music. In 1987 Lifesavers Underground released their debut album, Shaded Pain. This was followed in 1989 with Wakin' Up the Dead.

1991 saw the release of This Is The Healing, utilising a drum machine and Knott playing most of the musical instruments. The Grape Prophet (1993) was the first of rock operas by Knott.

Released in 1993, the fifth album was Cash In Chaos: World Tour. At this point Knott announced that he was changing the name of LSU to 'Cash in Chaos' (henced the mixed band name for this release).

1994's Grace Shaker was followed in 1998 by Dogfish Jones, another rock opera.

Despite inactivity from the LSU moniker in recent years, Knott announced in August 2008 that he has recorded a new album with Josh Lory, Jim Chaffin from the Crucified, Matt Biggers, Daniel Sonner and others.


Several Lifesavors bootlegs have appeared including 3-14-81 and The Nashville Demos from the early 80's. Much like Knott, Krischak has released several projects since the demise of Lifesavors including Generation XXX (2000) and Sci Fi Music Madness (2005).


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