Main source 692 m (2,270 ft)
47°38′9″N 9°55′13″E / 47.63583°N 9.92028°E / 47.63583; 9.92028 (Leiblach source)
River mouth 395 m (1,296 ft)
47°32′0″N 9°43′41″E / 47.53333°N 9.72806°E / 47.53333; 9.72806 (Leiblach mouth)Coordinates: 47°32′0″N 9°43′41″E / 47.53333°N 9.72806°E / 47.53333; 9.72806 (Leiblach mouth)
Progression RhineNorth Sea
River system Rhine
Physical characteristics
Length 33 km (21 mi)

The Leiblach is a 33 km long tributary of Lake Constance and the Rhine River. Its source is near the German municipality of Heimenkirch, flowing to the southwest. Near the Austrian town of Hohenweiler, the river joins a small tributary, the Rickenbach. This tributary forms a part of the Austrian-German border, and below the confluence the border continues to follow the Leiblach, eventually emptying into Lake Constance between the German town of Lindau and the Austrian town of Lochau.

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