Labour Federation (Italy)

The Labour Federation (Italian: Federazione Laburista, FL) was a social-democratic party in Italy.

It was founded in 1994 by former members of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI) and was in close alliance with the Democratic Party of the Left (PDS), with which it merged in February 1998 to form the Democrats of the Left (DS).[1][2] Those who opposed this merge joined the Italian Socialists (SI) and other Socialist groups to form the Italian Democratic Socialists (SDI). The leader of the party was Valdo Spini.

In 1998, after the merger into the DS, FL developed as a faction within the party, which was renamed Labourites – Liberal Socialists (Laburisti – Socialisti Liberali). Carlo Carli was elected president of the faction.

In 2007 many members of this faction and Spini himself were opposed to the foundation of a new Democratic Party and later joined the Socialist Party. Those who decided to join the Democratic Party took part in To the Left and merged with it on 5 July 2008.


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