Kanazawa University

Kanazawa University

The emblem of Kanazawa University shows the characters for "university" and the leaves of the acanthus, a Mediterranean plant. It was first used in August 1949. The acanthus stands for "The Fine Arts," and its graceful leaves were loved by the ancient Greeks and Romans who used them as decorations in the capitals of Corinthian and composite columns. It is said that they were grown in the garden of Plato's Akademia.
Type National
Established May 1949
President Shinichi Nakamura
Administrative staff
Students approx. 11,000
Undergraduates 8,007
Postgraduates 2,269
Location Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan
Website http://www.kanazawa-u.ac.jp/

Kanazawa University (金沢大学 Kanazawa daigaku, abbreviated to 金大 Kindai) is a national university of Japan located in the city of Kanazawa, the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture.

Kanazawa University is divided into two main campuses: Kakuma and Takaramachi. Student enrollment is about 11,000 including 350 international students.[1]


The roots of Kanazawa University can be traced to 1862 when the Kaga Domain established Hikoso Vaccination Center (彦三種痘所 Hikoso shutōsho). Ishikawa Normal School (石川師範学校 Ishikawa shihan gakkō), Kanazawa Higher Normal School (金沢高等師範学校 Kanazawa kōtō shihan gakkō), Ishikawa Youth Normal School (石川青年師範学校 Ishikawa seinen shihan gakkō), Kanazawa Medical School (金沢医科大学 Kanazawa ika daigaku), Kanazawa Technical College (金沢工業専門学校 Kanazawa kōgyō senmon gakkō), and the Fourth Higher School (第四高等学校 Daishi kōtō gakkō) were integrated in May 1949 to form Kanazawa University. Since then, for over 50 years, Kanazawa University has been the leader of universities on the Sea of Japan. It has continuously and substantially contributed to the development of higher education in Japan as well as global promotion of research by offering various undergraduate and graduate courses.


Faculties (Former Undergraduate Programs)

Kanazawa University has 8 faculties (学部).

Colleges (Current Undergraduate Programs)

Kanazawa University has 3 colleges (学域) and 16 schools (学類) for undergraduate programs.

Graduate Schools

Research Facilities


Kakuma Campus

Humanities, Law, Economics, Teacher Education, Regional Development Studies, International Studies
Mathematics and Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Environmental Design
Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Takaramachi Tsuruma Campus

Medicine, Health Sciences

Heiwamachi Campus

Experimental schools attached to the College of Human and Social Sciences

Notable alumni

Points of interest


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