Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
Kajaanin ammattikorkeakoulu
Type University of applied sciences (polytechnic)
Established 1992
Rector Turo Kilpeläinen
Students 1,957 (2010)[1]
Location Kajaani, Kainuu, Finland
64°12′57″N 27°42′34″E / 64.21583°N 27.70944°E / 64.21583; 27.70944Coordinates: 64°12′57″N 27°42′34″E / 64.21583°N 27.70944°E / 64.21583; 27.70944
Website www.kamk.fi

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KUAS, in Finnish: Kajaanin ammattikorkeakoulu, KAMK) is a small university of applied sciences located in the town of Kajaani. There are approximately 2000 students and 230 members of staff at KUAS. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences has achieved success nationally in Ministry of Education and Culture outcome barometers where the quality of teaching and counseling has been considered the best in Finland for several years running. Based on a survey published in Talouselämä -newspaper in 2011, KUAS was ranked as Finland's best university of applied sciences. KUAS' quality management system was among the first to be audited and approved in 2007. On Kajaani University of Applied Sciences' integrated campus area all student services are close to each other. The campus, located just a short walk away from the town centre, is surrounded by nature and different kinds of sports facilities.

The operations and organizational structure of KUAS are based on five areas of competence.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences offers 8 Bachelor's degree programmes and 5 Master programmes delivered in Finnish in these competence areas. In addition, KUAS offers two degree programmes delivered in English:

The extent of studies in a university of applied sciences is 210 - 240 credits (ECTS), which means 3,5 – 4 years of studies. An essential part of studies is practical training worth 30 credits (ECTS), designed to provide students with the opportunity to put theory into practice. Internationality is emphasized in all education offered at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. It is possible to complete part of the studies and the practical training also abroad using the worldwide network of partners. Kajaani UAS also offer double degree programmes, giving the students an opportunity to finish their studies with two bachelor's degrees.

Studies Offered in English

The Degree Programme in International Business focuses on developing the necessary skills and competences for success in international marketing with strong emphasis on innovative thinking. The Degree Programme in Sports and Leisure Management is a unique programme consisting of a wide range of sports, activity tourism and business studies. Several courses in both programmes include participation in hands-on projects in co-operation with local businesses and organizations.

The studies lead to a bachelor's degree and take approximately 3,5 years to finish. Kajaani UAS does not currently charge any tuition fees. The application period for these programmes is in January – February yearly. The applications to the English-taught degree programmes in Finnish UAS in 2014 are submitted through www.admissions.fi during the application period.

International Research, Development and Innovation Sector

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences' research, development and innovation work supports enterprises and business life locally, nationally and, on its field of focus, also internationally. In R&D, Kajaani UAS focuses on the needs of the labor markets through higher education development projects. Most of the projects are collaborative undertakings with private companies, education institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations and other bodies. KUAS' R&D-budget exceeds 10 million euros per year covering 50 to 100 person years.

CEMIS is a joint contract based research and development center specializing in measurement and information system formed by KUAS, two universities (Oulu and Jyväskylä) and two sector research institutes (MIKES, VTT). CEMIS’ main objective is to strengthen Kainuu’s position as a nationally and internationally significant measurement and information systems center of expertise.


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