Kaçkar Dağı

Kaçkar Dağı

Kaçkar Dağı from Mezovit Çayırı
Highest point
Elevation 3,937 m (12,917 ft)[1]
Prominence 2,272 m (7,454 ft)[2]
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 40°50′12″N 41°09′48″E / 40.83667°N 41.16333°E / 40.83667; 41.16333Coordinates: 40°50′12″N 41°09′48″E / 40.83667°N 41.16333°E / 40.83667; 41.16333[2]
Kaçkar Dağı


Location Rize, Turkey
Parent range Kaçkar mountains

Kaçkar Dağı, with an elevation of 3,937 meters, is the highest peak in the Kaçkar Mountains. The mountain may be climbed by the northeast ridge route beginning from the village Yukarı Kavrun.

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