INKAS Group of Companies
Privately held corporation
Industry Logistics
Founded Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1993 (1993))
Founder David Khazanski
Margarita Simkin
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Number of locations

Concord, Ontario
Gatineau, Quebec

Accra, Ghana
Lagos, Nigeria
Area served
Key people

David Khazanski, CEO INKAS Group of Companies
Rita Simkin, President, INKAS Security Services Ltd
Philip Daskal, Vice President of Sales, INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing
Roman Shimonov, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, INKAS Group of Companies [1]
David Tsyrlin

CFO, INKAS Group of Companies
Alexander Khomyakov Head of INKAS Safe Manufacturing
Paul Khakhan Head of AppGear Ltd[1]
Services Security services (armed courier service, safes, armored vehicles, POS systems)
Revenue $50 million (2010 est.)[2]
Number of employees
Divisions INKAS ATM & POS Solutions
INKAS Armed Courier Services
INKAS Safe Manufacturing
INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing
INKAS Payments Corp
INKAS Environmental
AppGear Ltd[4]
INKAS Security Services Ltd
Footnotes / references
ATM=Automated teller machines
POS=Point of sale

INKAS Group of Companies is a privately held, Canadian company specializing in security and protection services headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It was founded in 1993.[3] INKAS acted initially as an armed messenger service.[5] Later they grew to a conglomerate offering a wide variety of security services that include: armored vehicle manufacturing; safe manufacturing; merchant services (e.g., point-of-sale and electronic transaction processing); and the company's traditional armored courier and armed guard services. INKAS has offices in Canada at Toronto.It laos has a manufacturing plant which was opened in 2015. [6] and Gatineau, Quebec and overseas offices in Lagos, Nigeria.[1][7]

INKAS Security Services

INKAS's first business unit was INKAS Security Services. With head offices in Toronto, Ontario, INKAS Security Services was created in 1995 for the provisioning of armed messenger services.[5][7] Personnel are armed with weapons and armed vehicles which vary between Dodge Sprinters, Ford Econoline 350s, Freightliners, Ford F-150’s and armored Jeep Cherokees.

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing

In 2004, INKAS expanded from their existing manufacturing plant in North York, Ontario into a newly built [8]facility. The new facility enables INKAS to handle a larger amount of customer orders since it has higher output capacity.[9]

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing[10] was established in 1993.[11] Since then they have been supplying banks, law enforcement agencies and VIP individuals with their services and product while keeping their product civil.

While creating their armored vehicles in their 60,000-square-foot (5,600 m2) manufacturing facility, INKAS also focuses on personal and corporate safety concerns with their secure transportation services using their vehicles, made in their facility. INKAS also focuses on bringing manufacturing to luxurious vehicles, such as Mercedes[12] and Lexus sedans and SUVs.[13][14]

The vehicles manufactured by INKAS go through ballistic tests in their shooting range within their facility.[15]The sentry an armored personnel carrier was launched in 2015 and it is only available for the armed forces or any other law enforcement agencies. [16] Another version of the sentry was launched in 2016 with some improvements on it like stopping rounds from high-power rifles like the AK 47 or M16.[17][18]

INKAS Merchant Services

INKAS was founded in 1996 by David Khazanski.[3][19] In the beginning, the main focus was the provisioning of security services offering armoured courier services for automated teller machines (ATM), cash loading, and cash-in-transit (CIT) deposit services. Later, INKAS made the strategic decision to enter the online transaction processing business. To that end, INKAS Finance Corporation was created in 1998.[20]

In 2001, INKAS created INKAS Financial Corporation Limited (UK) in order to expand its ATM/POS operations into the United Kingdom (UK).[20] That same year, the UK operations of INKAS became a full member of the UK's largest transaction network, LINK (UK). Membership in LINK UK enabled INKAS's ATM/POS operations to avail themselves of network connections to virtually every large UK bank and their associated ATMs. Three years later, in 2004, in an all-cash deal, INKAS sold its UK financial arm to TRM Corporation.[3][21] At that time, INKAS Financial UK had grown to 450 ATM sites, being "both merchant-owned and full-placement programs."[21] At the time, the annual gross revenue of the business unit acquired was $4.75 million, with a then UK market share of 20%.[21]

In 2008 DirectCash acquired the entire ATM Business of INKAS.[22][23][24] Before being acquired by Direct Cash, INKAS had a total of 711 ATM sites across Canada.[22] After the acquisition Direct Cash had a total of 6000 active ATM sites.[22]

INKASTRANS Environment Protection Services

INKASTRANS Environment Protection Services supplies standard equipment and services to maintain and clean world wide oil spills. INKASTRANS Environment Protection Services current line-up includes a range of Containment Booms, Recovery Systems, Dispersant Spray Systems, Specified Vehicles and Boats, Equipment Packages, Oil Spill Kits, Machinery for Contaminated Soils Treatment, Personal Protective Equipment, and a range of proprietary Polymer and Natural Sorbent Products.[20]


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