Hassan Hasanzadeh Amoli

Hasan zadeh Amoli
Title Grand Ayatollah - Allameh
Died living
Ethnicity Persian
Era Modern era
Region Iran
Religion Islam
Jurisprudence Ja`fari
Creed Transcendent Theosophy
Main interest(s) Islamic philosophy, Tafsir, Fiqh and Hadith

Allameh Hassan Hasanzadeh Amoli (born 1928) is an Islamic philosopher and theologian.[1][2]He has been a prominent religious scholar in Iran since 1950.[3]

Early life

Amoli says in his autobiography that he was born in Larijan in the year 1307 of the Solar Hijri calendar (solar). Most of his early life was spent in Amol. He travelled to Tehran in 1329 solar.[4]

After his preliminary education in Amol, he was introduced to Haj Fath Allah Madrasah in Tehran. He studied under the supervision of Sayyed Ahmad Lavasani; he then went to Marvi Madrasah by order of Muhammad Taghi Amoli. Some of his masters are:


Ayatollah Hasanzadeh is a philosopher in Islamic philosophy and mysticism. He is also skilled in jurisprudence, poetry, traditional medicine, mathematics and astronomy.[6]

Regarding the relationship between science and religion, he believes the latter should serve as guidance for the former.[6]


He has published nearly sixty works in fields such as philosophy, jurisprudence, mysticism, astronomy and other sciences. The following is a partial list:


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