Hallah (Talmud)

Hallah (Hebrew: חלה, literally "Loaf") is the ninth tractate of Seder Zeraim ("Order of Seeds") of the Mishnah and of the Talmud. This "Hallah" was separated from bread dough made from the five species of grain and put aside for a Kohen in Biblical times and the time of the Jewish Temple. Today, it is separated and burnt in the oven or fed to birds in a few Jewish communities. Before the Hallah is separated a blessing, "Al Atefias Challah", is said. The amount separated is only from bread products made from 1.2 kilos of flour or more (without a blessing) or 1.67 kilos or more (with a blessing according to some authorities) or 2.25 kilos or more (with a blessing) and is the size of a large olive. If less than the requisite amount is used, some separate without a blessing while others do not separate at all. If no separation is done while cooking, it can be done afterwards without a blessing.

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