Grigori F. Krivosheev

Grigoriy Fedotovich Krivosheyev (Russian: Григорий Федотович Кривошеев, born in 1929) is a Russian military historian and a retired Colonel General of the Russian military. He is mostly known in the West, via an alternative transliteration of his name, Krivosheev, as the editor of a book on Soviet military casualties in the 20th century, which was translated and published in English.


Grigoriy Krivosheyev was born in the village of Kinterep, Legostayevsky (now Iskitimsky) District of the Novosibirsk Oblast (province) in western Siberia.

He is a graduate of the Frunze Military Academy. A Ph.D. (Kandidat nauk) in military science, from 1995 Krivosheyev is a professor in the Russian Academy of Military Sciences.

Published works

General Krivosheyev became widely known after the 1993 publication of the book titled Гриф секретности снят: Потери Вооруженных Сил СССР в войнах, боевых действиях и военных конфликтах (Transliteration: Grif sekretnosti snyat: poteri vooruzhyonnyh sil SSSR v voynah, boevyh deystviyah i voennyh konfliktah), originally in Russian, and about Soviet military casualties in various conflicts of the twentieth century, particularly in World War II.[1] With Krivosheyev being the general editor of the book, this analysis prepared by historians based on declassified Soviet archival data represents the first comprehensive attempt to scientifically address the losses of the armed forces of the former Soviet Union during World War II. Previously, the number of human casualties was mostly a matter of political speculations, and widely fluctuated with changes in political expediencies. In 1997 Krivosheyev's book was translated and published in English under the title of Soviet Casualties and Combat Losses in the Twentieth Century.[2]

A follow-up book also under editorship of Krivosheyev addressed Russian and Soviet combat losses in the wars of the 20th century, titled Russia and the USSR in the Wars of the Twentieth Century: Losses of the Armed Forces. A Statistical Study, was published in Moscow in 2001.[3]


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