Comune di Gressoney-Saint-Jean
Commune de Gressoney-Saint-Jean
Gemeinde Gressoney-Saint-Jean

The Savoy castle in Gressoney-St. Jean

Coat of arms

Location of Gressoney-Saint-Jean in Italy

Coordinates: 45°47′N 07°49′E / 45.783°N 7.817°E / 45.783; 7.817Coordinates: 45°47′N 07°49′E / 45.783°N 7.817°E / 45.783; 7.817
Country Italy
Region Aosta Valley
Province / Metropolitan city none
Frazioni Bieltschòcke (Bieltschucken), Bode, Chaschtal, Dresal, Loomatto (Loomatten), Méttelteil (Mittelteil), Mettie (Mettien), Noversch, Òbre Biel (Ober Biel), Òbre Champsil (Ober Champsil), Òbro Verdebio (Ober Verdebien), Ònderteil (Unterteil), Òndre Biel (Unter Biel), Òndre Champsil (Unter Champsil), Òndro Verdebio (Unter Verdebien), Perletoa, Predeloasch, Stobene, Trentostäg (Trentosbrück), Tschemenoal (Chemonal), Tschoarde, Tschossil, Woald (Wald)
  Total 69 km2 (27 sq mi)
Population (December 31, 2004)
  Total 790
  Density 11/km2 (30/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 11025
Dialing code 0125
Website Official website

Gressoney-Saint-Jean (Walser German: Greschòney Zer Chilchu) is a town and comune in the Aosta Valley region of north-western Italy.

Points of interest

Walser culture and language

Though historically Gressoney-Saint-Jean and Gressoney-La-Trinité are two separate comunes, they form a Walser German cultural unity known as Greschòney or Creschnau in Greschoneytitsch (or simply Titsch), the local Walser German dialect, or Kressenau in German. They were united into one commune named Gressoney from 1928 until 1946, when the two former communes were reconstituted.

An example of Greschòneytitsch:

Walser German German English

Endsche Attò
das béscht em Hémmel,
dass héilege sígge Dín Noame.
Chéeme Dín Herrschaft.[1]

Vater unser
der Du bist im Himmel,
geheiligt werde Dein Name.
Dein Reich komme.

Our Father
in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come,

Notable people


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