Gangsta Walking

For the 2006 single by rapper Coolio, see Gangsta Walk.

Gangsta Walking (often referred to as: G-Walk , Buckin, Tickin, Jookin, or Choppin) is a street dance that originated in Memphis, Tennessee alongside "Buck" music during the 1990s. The Gangsta Walk is commonly performed to crunk music due to the particular 'bounce' in the beat and the movement the dancers make to keep with it. Though Gangsta Walking has been around for many years, much of the dance is still exclusive to the city and surrounding areas.

Gangsta walk was created in Memphis. Originated by the group G-Style who released the first Gangsta walk video ever titled “G-Style Gangsta" that consisted of Romeo, Wolf, and Hurricane, who went on to land a production deal with Dallas Austin behind the groups Boys to Men, Monica, Another Bad Creation and TLC to name a few. They went on to land a major record deal with P. Diddy's Bad Boy entertainment and the first group to launch Bad Boy South. From the group success and their early video release from the song G-Style ”Gangsta". Doors opened and gave opportunity for other dances in Memphis Tennessee such as Jookin, Buckin, and etc and have spread abroad. The group continues to be a major part on the Memphis music scene with Romeo's latest business venture Romeo Franklin Productions that focus on training dancers, choreography and video and music productions. This unsung group as quiet as kept has been one of the major forces in getting Memphis music on the map.



Due to video streaming websites like YouTube and social networks like and others, "gangsta walking", "jookin', "choppin", "buckin" or whatever it may be called, has spread in popularity. In 2007, Memphis rapper–director–producer Young Jai, of Jai Productions / Black Star Enterprisers, released Memphis Jookin Vol 1 DVD.[1] This DVD featured the new generation of jookers/Gangsta Walkers. It featured such Jookin as G-Nerd, Mike Doss, Chopper king, Lil Daniel, Dr. Rico,Brandon (BranNu) Lil Buck, Lil Black, Bobo, female Jooker Shuante, Underground King Keviorr, DJ Sidewalker, North Memphis Legend Lil Jayson and many others. This DVD helped springboard the Jookin/ Gangsta Walking movement. In November 2007, Jookin was featured on Channel 3 WREG-TV news in Memphis and also on Channel 5 WMC-TV. There are several videos on Jookin on [2] and, with some videos receiving hundreds of thousands of views in months and thousands of views in a week's time. Jai Productions and The Memphis Jookin community was also featured in the December 2007 issue of the French magazine Juste Debout as the Dance of the Month.[3] Jai productions also released a solo Jookin DVD on G-Nerd entitled "Truth Be Told" and Tutorial entitled "Memphis Jookin wit G-Nerd". Jai Productions has also released the entire Memphis Jookin Vol 2. 3-part series, which showcases more of the Jookin community that is involved in the movement to help get this dance on the map. Nowadays our youth have somewhere to go and learn the Memphis style. Memphian Tarrik Moore And Marico Flake (Dr Rico) have opened U-Dig Jookin Academy, located in the Raleigh Springs Mall.

Perception of Gangsta Walking

Along with being a popular street dance, the Gangsta Walk is often viewed as a form of self-expression and relief from the hardships of living within the inner city. Some have even considered Gangsta Walking as being a less extreme kin of Krumping due to it steering many the youth away from street violence and exacting their energy into something positive and constructive. The dance can commonly be found in urban areas of Memphis like North Memphis, South Memphis, Orange Mound, Whitehaven, West Memphis etc.

Types of Gangsta Walk

There are variations of styles for the Gangsta Walk:

Music videos featuring the Gangsta Walk

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