Franchi AL-48

Franchi 48 AL
Type Shotgun
Weight 5.4 to 5.7 lbs
Length 42.75 to 48 inches
Barrel length 24 to 28 inches

Caliber 20 gauge, 28 gauge
Action semi-automatic
Feed system 4+1 capacity tubular magazine[1]

The 48 AL is a semi-automatic shotgun manufactured by Luigi Franchi S.p.A..

The gun is available in 20 gauge and 28 gauge. It uses a patented action that John Browning developed for the Browning Auto-5.[2] Rounds are cycled through long recoil.[3] Factory models are equipped with walnut stocks and forends. Franchi offers one model with a short stock, and one model with a “Prince-of-Wales” stock.


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