Footballer of the Year in Germany

The title Footballer of the Year (German: Fußballer des Jahres) has been awarded in Germany since 1960. In 1996 the title Women's Footballer of the Year was awarded for the first time. Both awards are determined by a poll of German football journalists from the Association of German Sports Journalists (Verband der Deutschen Sportjournalisten) and the publication kicker.[1] Eligible are German players abroad and players in Germany.

In 2004, the Brazilian Aílton became the first foreign player to attain this honour. The most recent titleholders are Jérôme Boateng from FC Bayern Munich and Alexandra Popp from VfL Wolfsburg.

(West) German Footballer of the Year

Year Player Club[2]
1960 Uwe SeelerHamburger SV
1961 Max Morlock1. FC Nürnberg
1962 Karl-Heinz Schnellinger1. FC Köln
1963 Hans Schäfer1. FC Köln
1964 Uwe SeelerHamburger SV
1965 Hans TilkowskiBorussia Dortmund
1966 Franz BeckenbauerBayern Munich
1967 Gerd MüllerBayern Munich
1968 Franz BeckenbauerBayern Munich
1969 Gerd MüllerBayern Munich
1970 Uwe SeelerHamburger SV
1971 Berti VogtsBorussia Mönchengladbach
1972 Günter NetzerBorussia Mönchengladbach
1973 Günter NetzerBorussia Mönchengladbach
1974 Franz BeckenbauerBayern Munich
1975 Sepp MaierBayern Munich
1976 Franz BeckenbauerBayern Munich
1977 Sepp MaierBayern Munich
1978 Sepp MaierBayern Munich
1979 Berti VogtsBorussia Mönchengladbach
1980 Karl-Heinz RummeniggeBayern Munich
1981 Paul BreitnerBayern Munich
1982 Karlheinz FörsterVfB Stuttgart
1983 Rudi VöllerWerder Bremen
1984 Harald Schumacher1. FC Köln
1985 Hans-Peter BriegelItaly Verona
1986 Harald Schumacher1. FC Köln
1987 Uwe RahnBorussia Mönchengladbach
1988 Jürgen KlinsmannVfB Stuttgart
1989 Thomas Häßler1. FC Köln
1990 Lothar MatthäusItaly Internazionale
1991 Stefan Kuntz1. FC Kaiserslautern
1992 Thomas HäßlerItaly Roma
1993 Andreas Köpke1. FC Nürnberg
1994 Jürgen KlinsmannFrance AS Monaco
1995 Matthias SammerBorussia Dortmund
1996 Matthias SammerBorussia Dortmund
1997 Jürgen KohlerBorussia Dortmund
1998 Oliver BierhoffItaly Udinese
1999 Lothar MatthäusBayern Munich
2000 Oliver KahnBayern Munich
2001 Oliver KahnBayern Munich
2002 Michael BallackBayer Leverkusen
2003 Michael BallackBayern Munich
2004Brazil AíltonWerder Bremen
2005 Michael BallackBayern Munich
2006 Miroslav KloseWerder Bremen
2007 Mario GómezVfB Stuttgart
2008France Franck RibéryBayern Munich
2009Brazil GrafiteVfL Wolfsburg
2010Netherlands Arjen RobbenBayern Munich
2011 Manuel NeuerSchalke 04
2012 Marco Reus[3]Borussia Mönchengladbach
2013 Bastian Schweinsteiger[4]Bayern Munich
2014 Manuel Neuer[5]Bayern Munich
2015Belgium Kevin De Bruyne[6]VfL Wolfsburg
2016 Jérôme Boateng[7]Bayern Munich

East German Footballer of the Year

The title was awarded between 1963 and 1991 by the publication Die Neue Fußballwoche.

Year Player Club
1963Manfred KaiserFC Wismut Karl-Marx-Stadt
1964Klaus UrbanczykSC Chemie Halle
1965Horst WeigangSC Leipzig
1966Jürgen NöldnerVorwärts Berlin
1967Dieter ErlerFC Karl-Marx-Stadt
1968Bernd BranschHallescher FC Chemie
1969Eberhard VogelFC Karl-Marx-Stadt
1970Roland DuckeFC Carl Zeiss Jena
1971Peter DuckeFC Carl Zeiss Jena
1972Jürgen CroySachsenring Zwickau
1973Hans-Jürgen KreischeDynamo Dresden
1974Bernd BranschFC Carl Zeiss Jena
1975Jürgen Pommerenke1. FC Magdeburg
1976Jürgen CroySachsenring Zwickau
1977Hans-Jürgen DörnerDynamo Dresden
1978Jürgen CroySachsenring Zwickau
1979Joachim Streich1. FC Magdeburg
1980Hans-Ulrich GrapenthinFC Carl Zeiss Jena
1981Hans-Ulrich GrapenthinFC Carl Zeiss Jena
1982Rüdiger SchnuphaseFC Carl Zeiss Jena
1983Joachim Streich1. FC Magdeburg
1984Hans-Jürgen DörnerDynamo Dresden
1985Hans-Jürgen DörnerDynamo Dresden
1986René Müller1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig
1987René Müller1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig
1988Andreas ThomBerliner FC Dynamo
1989Andreas TrautmannDynamo Dresden
1990Ulf KirstenDynamo Dresden
1991Torsten GütschowDynamo Dresden

German Female Footballer of the Year

Year Player Club
1996 Martina Voss FC Rumeln-Kaldenhausen
1997 Bettina Wiegmann Grün-Weiß Brauweiler
1998 Silke Rottenberg SF Siegen
1999 Inka Grings FCR Duisburg
2000 Martina Voss FCR Duisburg
2001 Birgit Prinz 1. FFC Frankfurt
2002 Birgit Prinz 1. FFC Frankfurt
2003 Birgit Prinz 1. FFC Frankfurt
2004 Birgit Prinz 1. FFC Frankfurt
2005 Birgit Prinz 1. FFC Frankfurt
2006 Birgit Prinz 1. FFC Frankfurt
2007 Birgit Prinz 1. FFC Frankfurt
2008 Birgit Prinz 1. FFC Frankfurt
2009 Inka Grings FCR 2001 Duisburg
2010 Inka Grings FCR 2001 Duisburg
2011 Fatmire Bajramaj Turbine Potsdam
2012 Célia Okoyino da Mbabi[3] SC 07 Bad Neuenahr
2013 Martina Müller[4] VfL Wolfsburg
2014 Alexandra Popp[5] VfL Wolfsburg
2015 Célia Šašić[6] 1. FFC Frankfurt
2016 Alexandra Popp[7] VfL Wolfsburg


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