Flag of Åland

Use Civil and state flag, civil and state ensign
Proportion 17:26
Adopted 1954
Design Scandinavian cross
Swallowtailed version used by Åland yacht clubs (badge of club replaces oval in canton)
Unofficial flag 1921-1954
The flag of Åland hangs with the flag of Finland.
The flag of Orkney, with opposite colours from that of Åland.

The flag of Åland consists of the Swedish flag defaced by a red cross symbolising Finland. Today, blue and white are considered Finnish colours, but in the early days of Finnish nationalism, red and yellow from the Finnish coat of arms were also an option.

The flag has been the official flag of the autonomous Finnish province of Åland since 1954. It was first hoisted in the capital Mariehamn on 3 April 1954.

Prior to autonomy, an unofficial horizontal bicolour triband of blue-yellow-blue was in use. The flag was made illegal in 1935.[1][2]

The flag of Orkney in Scotland, created in 2007, is the opposite of the flag of Åland; much in the same way as the flag of Iceland is the opposite of the flag of Norway.


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