Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies

The chop of the Fairbank Center is its institutional logo.

The Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University is a post-graduate research center promoting the study of modern and contemporary China from a social science perspective.[1]


The entity was established as the Center for East Asian Research; and later, it was renamed the Fairbank Center for East Asian Research in honor of its founding director. From its beginnings in 1955, this institutional focus diverged from conventional Sinology, which had emphasized the study of texts from a humanistic perspective.[1]


List of Directors of the Fairbank Center:[1]

Selected works

The center's published output encompasses 60+ works in 70+ publications in 3 languages and 300+ library holdings.[10] The Fairbank Center has published academic monographs since 1956.[11]

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The Fairbank Center also sponsors the Edwin O. Reischauer Lectures.


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