European route E47

E47 shield

Route information
Length: 342 km (213 mi)
Major junctions
South end: Lübeck (Germany)
North end: Helsingborg(Sweden)
Countries: Germany, Denmark, Sweden
Highway system
International E-road network

European route E 47 is a highway going from Lübeck in Germany via Copenhagen, Denmark to Helsingborg, Sweden, which is also known under the name Vogelfluglinie and Sydmotorvejen. The road has motorway standard all the way except for 28 km (17 mi) in Germany, the part inside Helsingør (6 km/4 miles city street), and there are also two ferry connections. The route has a ferry connection between Germany and Denmark. A fixed link is planned there by the year 2020. The discussion of a bridge or tunnel was settled when the 'Danish parliament rejected plans for a bridge across the Fehmarn Strait in favour of the tunnel, deciding it would be safer and greener'.[1] Also, there is a ferry connection between Denmark (Helsingør) and Sweden (Helsingborg). There is a bridge-tunnel combination between Denmark and Sweden further south, but still the ferry Helsingør-Helsingborg has a dense schedule.

Other road numbers

The Danish E-roads have no other national numbers (the national number is the same as the E-number, here 47, but only the E-sign is posted). Between Helsingborg and Eskilstrup on the island of Falster, 160 km, the E 47 shares road with the E 55. Between Køge and Copenhagen (29 km), also the E 20 shares the same road. Danish roads 9 and 19 share roads with the E 47 short parts.

In Germany the motorway has the national number BAB 1. The part without motorway has the national number B 207. This part is a kind of expressway without any roads crossing on the same level. It has a number of road crossings built like motorway exits.

At the introduction of the new numbering scheme in 1992, the E 47 was originally devised to continue from Helsingborg northward through Sweden and Norway to Gothenburg, Oslo, Trondheim and finally Olderfjord, replacing almost all of the old E 6. After negotiations between UNECE and the Swedish and Norwegian authorities, this plan was abandoned, and the E 6 remains designated as such, both on signage and in the official documents, throughout its entire old length in Scandinavia (including the snippets TrelleborgMalmö and Malmö–Helsingborg, which are concurrent with the E 22 and the E 20 respectively, and were never intended to become parts of the E 47). A similar solution was made for the E 4 through Sweden. These two roads are the most conspicuous exceptions to the rule that even numbers signify west-to-east E-roads.

Exits and service areas in Denmark

E47 route

Exits and service areas in Germany

Common with road 207
Common with Bundesautobahn 1


The northern terminus is at the ferry port in Helsingborg, where the European route E 4 begins. The southern terminus is at E 22 north of Lübeck.

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