European route E25

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E25 shield

Major junctions
North end: Hoek van Holland (Netherlands)
South end: Palermo (Italy)
Countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Italy
Highway system
International E-road network

European route E 25 is a north-south European route from Hoek van Holland in the Netherlands to Palermo in Italy which includes ferry crossings from Genoa to Bastia (Corsica), from Bonifacio to Porto Torres (Sardinia) and from Cagliari to Palermo (Sicily).

It passes through the following cities: Hoek van HollandRotterdamUtrecht - EindhovenMaastrichtLiègeBastogneArlonLuxembourgMetzSaint-AvoldStrasbourgMulhouseBaselOltenBernLausanneGenevaMont Blanc TunnelAostaIvreaVercelliAlessandriaGenoaBastiaPorto VecchioBonifacioPorto TorresSassariCagliariPalermo.[1]

Route description

The Belgian part of the E25 is also denoted as 'Route du Soleil'. This title isn't accepted by France because it isn't the original 'Route du Soleil' connecting Paris and Marseille. The Belgian 'Route du Soleil' is a branch of the original route, connecting Amsterdam and Marseille. This route joins the E25 near Utrecht (NL) towards Metz (F).



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