Electoral district of Warrego

QueenslandLegislative Assembly

Warrego (2008—)
State Queensland
MP Ann Leahy
Party Liberal National
Namesake Warrego River
Electors 26,619 (2015)
Area 279,546 km2 (107,933.3 sq mi)
Coordinates 26°52′S 146°9′E / 26.867°S 146.150°E / -26.867; 146.150Coordinates: 26°52′S 146°9′E / 26.867°S 146.150°E / -26.867; 146.150

Warrego is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Queensland.

The electorate lies in the extreme southwest of Queensland, running along the western part of the border with New South Wales. It includes a number of rural centres, including the towns of Roma, St George and Cunnamulla.


The electoral district of Warrego was created by the Additional Members Act of 1864 which introduced six new single-member electorates.[1] A by-election was held to fill the seat. The nomination date was 18 March 1865 and the election was held on 25 March 1865.[2]

Warrego was, as with the rest of the state, held by independents and loose groupings of members around the government of the day until the first years of the twentieth century, when the partisan system took hold. It then became a stronghold of the centre-left Australian Labor Party, who held it without interruption from 1908 to 1974. The decline of the rural working class changed the demographics of the electorate drastically, however, and it fell to the conservative National Party of Australia at the height of the popularity of the Bjelke-Petersen government in 1974. The National Party strongly increased their hold on the seat thereafter, and it is today one of their safest seats. The current member, Ann Leahy, has held the seat since 2015.

Members for Warrego

  Frederick Forbes Unaligned 1865–1867
  Graham Mylne Unaligned 1867–1868
  Sir Arthur Hodgson Unaligned 1868–1869
  Sir Thomas McIlwraith Ministerialist 1870–1871
  Archibald Buchanan Ministerialist 1871–1873
  William Henry Walsh Ministerialist 1873–1878
  Ernest James Stevens Independent 1878–1883
  John Donaldson Independent/Ministerialist 1883–1888
  Richard Casey Unaligned 1888–1893
  James Crombie Ministerialist 1893–1898
  William Hood Ministerialist 1898–1899
  David Bowman Labour 1899–1902
  Patrick Leahy Ministerialist/Opposition 1902–1907
  George Barber Labour 1907 (elected but his nomination was later declared invalid)[3]
  Patrick Leahy Ministerialist/Opposition 1907–1908 (not elected but on the disqualification of George Barber was the only remaining candidate)[3]
  Harry Coyne Labor 1908–1923
  Randolph Bedford Labor 1923–1941
  Harry O'Shea Labor 1941–1950
  John Dufficy Labor 1951–1969
  Jack Aiken Labor 1969–1974
  Neil Turner Country 1974–1975
  National Country 1975–1982
  National 1982–1986
  Howard Hobbs National 1986–2008
  Liberal National 2008–2015
  Ann Leahy Liberal National 2015–present

Election results

Queensland state election, 2015: Warrego[4]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal National Ann Leahy 13,285 54.96 −3.17
Labor Mark O'Brien 6,398 26.47 +13.82
Palmer United Guy Sara 2,179 9.01 +9.01
Independent Ruth Golden 1,663 6.88 −6.31
Greens Sandra Bayley 649 2.68 +0.70
Total formal votes 24,174 97.93 −0.47
Informal votes 510 2.07 +0.47
Turnout 24,684 91.45 −0.32
Two-party-preferred result
Liberal National Ann Leahy 14,255 65.43 −9.63
Labor Mark O'Brien 7,531 34.57 +34.57
Liberal National hold Swing −9.63


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