David Scott Stone

David Scott Stone
Also known as SirDSS, David Scott Stone
Origin Sun Valley CA
Genres Dance-punk, electronica, alternative dance
Occupation(s) Producer, musician,
Instruments Guitar, bass, synths, electronic percussion, home built instruments
Associated acts LCD Soundsystem
The Melvins
The Locust
No Age
Get Hustle
The Sads

David Scott Stone (sometimes referred to as Sir DSS and Mr. David Ascott Stone) is a musician who has recorded and toured with artists like The Melvins, Unwound, Fantômas, The Locust, Jello Biafra, Keiji Haino, Mike Patton, Adam Jones (Tool), Merzbow, Masonna, Big Business, No Age, Joe Lally and others. He is a former member of the group LCD Soundsystem. He has been a regular performer at The Smell, a DIY music venue in Los Angeles since its opening. He has also been a member of Slug (1993–1996) and a founding member of Get Hustle (1996–2000).

He is notable for his experimental and whimsical approach to music, often using unusual instruments to produce unusual sounds. He builds his own instruments and modifies commercially available ones, which he then uses to record and perform his music.

Involvement with The Melvins

With The Melvins he has recorded on the albums Honky, Hostile Ambient Takeover, and Pigs of the Roman Empire using guitars, bowed cymbals, oscillators, analog synths, and instruments that he has built such as the Electric Thundersheet, and the Electric long thin Wire that "... use piezo elements in a regeneration circuit". He adds texture and noise to their already powerful sound. He is also on Millennium Monsterwork 2000 with Fantômas.

Live with the Melvins he has toured as second guitarist/noise maker from 2000-2001 (2x4 tours) and played bass guitar with them again from 2004-2006 doing shows with Jello Biafra, Fantômas, Melvins Big Band. He also played live scores to the films of Cameron Jamie playing France's Centre Pompidou, UCLA's Royce Hall as well as the 2006 Whitney Biennial.

Melvins drummer Dale Crover has gone on to say about Stone "...he's the Eno of our band".

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