Conference Party

Conference Party
حزب المؤتمر المصري
Chairperson Omar El-Mokhtar Semeida[1]
Mohamed El-Oraby (formerly)[2]
Founder Amr Moussa[3]
Founded 18 September 2012
Headquarters Cairo
Ideology Big tent
Political position Centre-right[1]
National affiliation For the Love of Egypt[4]
International affiliation None
Colours      Gold
House of Representatives
12 / 596

The Conference Party (Arabic: حزب المؤتمر المصري) or Congress Party[5] is a secularist political party in Egypt.[6] Five different parties political parties merged to become the Conference Party.[7] Among them are liberal and leftist forces, as well as remnants of the former NDP-regime.[8]

The Conference Party participated in a 12 January meeting of multiple parties chaired by Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.[1]

Main merger parties

All of the parties that agreed to or considered joining are:[8][9]


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