Chief creative officer

A chief creative officer (CCO) is the highest ranking position of the creative team within a company. Depending on the type of company, this position may be responsible for the overall look and feel of marketing, media, and branding associated with the organization. The CCO may also be charged with managing, developing, and leading the team of creative directors, art directors, designers, and copywriters.

Overall description

The CCO directs a company's creative output, developing the artistic design strategy that defines the company's brand.[1] The CCO creates the unique image of the firm and deliver this distinctive design to consumers and to create a clear brand image which is a fundamental and essential work throughout the company. Advertisements present a certain memorable artistic design while also structured to accomplish functional goals. The CCO ensures that the design and functionality combine harmoniously so the firm can present a product that successfully represents its creative brand.[1]

CCOs, in some cases are called creative directors, are demanded in firms which involve creative thinking and artistic design. The position of generic head of marketing is usually replaced by chief creative officer in advertising firms.[1] The power of chief creative officer can even be compared to CEO and at the early stages of a small company, usually at the start of partnerships, the CCO and the CEO manage jointly.[1]

Notable chief creative officers


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