Charles-Auguste Bontemps

Charles-Auguste Bontemps

Charles-Auguste Bontemps (1893–1981) was a French individualist anarchist, pacifist, freethinker and naturist activist and writer.[1][2]

Life and works

Bontemps was born on February 9, 1893, in the Nièvre department of France.[1] He collaborated in the anarchist publication Ce qu'il faut dire led by Sebastien Faure.[1] After briefly joining the French Communist Party shortly after the ongoing October Revolution he joined the anti-militarist organization "Ligue Internationale des Réfractaires à la guerre". During the time of the Spanish Civil War he joined the "Solidarité Internationale Antifasciste".

He was an important personality in the foundation of the francophone Anarchist Federation.[2] The new base principles of the francophone Anarchist Federation were written by Bontemps and Maurice Joyeux which established an organization with a plurality of tendencies and autonomy of federated groups organized around synthesist principles.[2] He also participated in the refoundation of the francophone Anarchist Federation in 1953.[1] Around 1967, Bontemps, alongside Maurice Joyeux and Guy Bodson on the francophone Anarchist Federation´s journal Le Monde libertaire, had an exchange of criticism with the members of Situationist International including Guy Debord.[3][4][5]

He was a prolific author mainly on the topics of anarchism, freethinking, pacifism and Anarcho-naturism.[1] His views on anarchism were based around his concept of "Social Individualism" on which he wrote extensively. He defended an anarchist perspective which was based on "a collectivism of things and an individualism of persons."[6]

He died on October 14, 1981 in Paris.[1]


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