Central Sudetes

Central Sudetes

View from Zygmuntówka refuge, Owl Mountains
Highest point
Peak Velká Deštná
Elevation 1,115 m (3,658 ft)
Coordinates 50°18′18″N 16°23′56.7″E / 50.30500°N 16.399083°E / 50.30500; 16.399083Coordinates: 50°18′18″N 16°23′56.7″E / 50.30500°N 16.399083°E / 50.30500; 16.399083

Divisions of the Sudetes range system

Countries Czech Republic and Poland
States Bohemia, Moravia (Czech Rep.) and Lower Silesia, Opole (Poland)
Parent range Sudetes range system

The Central Sudetes (Czech: Orlická oblast or Střední Sudety, Polish: Sudety Środkowe, German: Mittelsudeten) are the central part of the Sudetes mountain range on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland. They stretch from the Nysa Kłodzka River and the Kłodzko Valley in the east to the upper Bóbr in the west.

The Central Sudetes comprise a number of mountain ranges, including:

The largest town within the Central Sudetes is Wałbrzych in Poland, where the Owl Mountains contain extended black coal reserves.

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