Brick City club

Brick City club (or Jersey club[1]) is a version of house music from Newark, New Jersey, popularized by DJ Tameil (formerly Anthrax), DJ Tim Dolla, Dj Lilman, Mike V, DJ Black Mic and R3ll (prev. DJ Rell) (Brick Bandits Crew); in the early to mid-1990s to the 2000s.[2] It was then abandoned by DJ Tameil after many new producers began making music "without his permission", as Tameil has said numerous times, thus "ruining the genre". Each track usually consists of a kick used by many other producers and DJs in the same tracks, along with the terms Movie and Building Shaker thrown into the song. DJ Lilman is the most known DJ making Brick City Club hits. His music videos on YouTube have received more than 100,000 views. Other popular DJs are DJ Frosty, DJ Jayhood, and DJ Taj(including his siter 'Lil E).

The basic musical structure is similar to Baltimore Club, but it differs in the use of the same beats and mixing. The genre is more popular than Baltimore club; Brick City or Jersey club is popular in Jersey, Philly, and Florida. Some songs have been featured on the reality show Love and hip-hop.


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