Bayou Macon

Bayou Macon
Bayou Macon near Halley, Arkansas
Country United States
States Arkansas, Louisiana
Source Desha County, Arkansas 33°46′15″N 91°26′15″W / 33.77094°N 91.43762°W / 33.77094; -91.43762
Mouth Confluence with the Tensas River in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana 31°54′49″N 91°32′52″W / 31.91349°N 91.54790°W / 31.91349; -91.54790
Length 218 mi (351 km)
Map of the Tensas River Basin, including Bayou Macon

Bayou Macon is a bayou in Arkansas and Louisiana, United States. It begins in Desha County, Arkansas, and flows south, between the Boeuf River to its west and the Mississippi River to its east, before joining the Joe's Bayou south of Delhi in Richland Parish, Louisiana. Bayou Macon is about 218 miles (351 km) long.[1]

L. D. Knox of Winnsboro, a perennial Louisiana political candidate, owned some 1,400 acres (5.7 km2) about Bayou Macon, land which he hand cleared and cultivated in what he considered to have been an aberrant but advanced style of agriculture.[2]

This 1962 bridge over Bayou Macon (2013 photograph) between East and West Carroll Parish in northeastern Louisiana was replaced effective March 24, 2014 with a new structure valued at $4.6 million. Some seven hundred vehicles on Louisiana Highway 134 cross the bridge daily. Governor Bobby Jindal came to West Carroll Parish for the bridge dedication.[3]


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