Barrymore family

The Barrymore family is an American acting family.

The Barrymores are also the inspiration of a Broadway and West End play called The Royal Family.

List of members

  1. William Edward Blythe (1818-1873)
  2. Herbert Arthur Chamberlayne Blyth (aka Maurice Barrymore; 1849 – 1905)
  3. ∞ married Georgiana Emma Drew, and had three children: Lionel, Ethel, and John.
    1. Lionel Barrymore (1878 – 1954)
      1. ∞ Married Doris Rankin (first wife), and had two daughters. Marriage ended in divorce.
        1. Mary Barrymore (died at infancy)
        2. Ethel Barrymore II (died at infancy).
      2. ∞ Married to Irene Fenwick (second wife, until her death)
    2. Ethel Barrymore (1879 – 1959)
      1. ∞ Married Russell Griswold Colt, and had three children. Ethel's children also acted, primarily on the stage.
        1. Samuel Peabody Colt
        2. John Drew Colt
        3. Ethel Barrymore Colt.
          1. ∞ Married John Romeo Miglietta, and had John Drew Miglietta (born 10 September 1946)
    3. John Barrymore (1882 – 1942)
      1. ∞ Married to Katherine Corri Harris (first wife, divorced)
      2. ∞ Married Blanche Oelrichs (second wife, divorced), and had:
        1. Diana Blanche Barrymore
          1. ∞ Married Bramwell Fletcher
          2. ∞ Married John R. Howard
          3. ∞ Married Robert Wilcox
      3. ∞ Married Dolores Costello (third wife, divorced), and had:
        1. Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore (living).
          1. ∞ Married Thomas Fairbanks (first husband, divorced), and had:
            1. Hillary Klaradru Fairbanks (living),
              1. ∞ married Thomas Randolph and had:
                1. Isabelle Harrison Barrymore Randolph
                2. Anthony John Barrymore Fairbanks
                  1. ∞ married Dianne Zaninovich and had:
                    1. Samantha Mae Barrymore Fairbanks.
          2. ∞ Married Lew Bedell (second husband) and had:
            1. Dore Lewis Bedell
            2. Stephanie Mae Bedell
        2. John Drew Barrymore (Jr.) (1932 – 2004)
          1. ∞ Married Cara Williams (first wife, divorced)
            1. John Blyth Barrymore
              1. ∞ Married Rebecca Pogrow
                1. Blyth Lane Barrymore
                2. Sabrina Brooke Barrymore
              2. ∞ Married Jacqueline Manes
                1. John Blyth Barrymore IV
          2. ∞ Married Gabriella Palazzoli (second wife, divorced)
            1. Blyth Dolores Barrymore. ∞ Married Antonio Gioffredi
              1. Gabriella Gioffredi
              2. Nicole Gioffredi
          3. ∞ Married Nina Wayne (third wife, divorced)
            1. Jessica Barrymore (died 2014, accidental overdose)[1]
          4. ∞ Married Ildiko Jaid (fourth wife, divorced)
            1. Drew Barrymore (b. 1975)
              1. ∞ Married Jeremy Thomas (first husband, divorced)
              2. ∞ Married Tom Green (second husband, divorced)
              3. ∞ Married Will Kopelman (third husband, divorced)
                1. Olive Barrymore Kopelman
                2. Frankie Barrymore Kopelman
      4. ∞ Married to Elaine Barrie née Jacobs. (fourth wife of John Barrymore, Sr., divorced)

Except for John Drew, Diana, Drew, and John Blyth, none of the other members of John Barrymore's family have yet entered the entertainment industry.

Drew family

The family of Georgiana Emma Drew, mother of Lionel, Ethel, and John, also includes a large number of actors.

  1. John Drew, actor
  2. Louisa Lane Drew, actress
    1. Georgiana Emma Drew, ∞ wife of Maurice Barrymore and mother of Lionel, Ethel, and John.
    2. John Drew Jr.
      1. Louise Drew, ∞ married performer Jack Devereaux; their son John Drew Devereaux was a Broadway stage manager
    3. Sidney Drew(paternity debatable), known for the Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Drew comedy act
      1. Sidney Rankin Drew, left his acting career to join the Lafayette Escadrille, and was killed in action
    4. Louisa Drew(1851-1888),called 'Aunt Dodo" by the Barrymores, moved to Boston, married manager Charles Mendum, had two children, one of which was
      1. Georgie Drew Mendum (1875-1957), married and divorced from a comedian named George Parsons, div. around 1909.
  3. Frank Drew (1831-1903), brother of John Drew Sr.

Family tree

Herbert Arthur Chamberlayne Blythe
Georgiana Emma Drew
Elaine Barrie
Katherine Corri Harris
Irene Fenwick
Lionel Barrymore
Doris Rankin
Ethel Barrymore
Russell Griswold Colt
Dolores Costello
John Barrymore
Blanche Oelrichs
Ethel Barrymore II
Mary Barrymore
Samuel Peabody Colt
Ethel Barrymore Colt
John Romeo Miglietta
John Drew Colt
Cara Williams
John Drew Barrymore
Gabriella Palazzoli
Thomas Fairbanks
Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore
Lew Bedell
Bramwell Fletcher
Diana Blanche Barrymore
John R. Howard
John Drew Miglietta
Rebecca Pogrow
John Blyth Barrymore
Jacqueline Manes
Jessica Barrymore
Drew Barrymore
Antonio Gioffredi
Blyth Dolores Barrymore
Thomas Randolph
Hillary Klaradru Fairbanks
Anthony John Barrymore Fairbanks
Dianne Zaninovich
Dore Lewis Bedell
Stephanie Mae Bedell
Robert Wilcox
Blyth Lane Barrymore
Sabrina Brooke Barrymore
John Blyth Barrymore IV
Nina Wayne
Ildiko Jaid
Gabriella Gioffredi
Nicole Gioffredi
Isabelle Harrison Barrymore Randolph
Samantha Mae Barrymore Fairbanks


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