Baltic States Swimming Championships

The Baltic States Swimming Championships is an annual swimming competition between best swimmers from Baltic states: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


Highest ended 2 swimmers from each nation collect points for their team. Even though there is a lot of competing swimmers only 6 swimmers in each event end up collecting the points in individual events: 2 from Estonia, 2 from Latvia, 2 from Lithuania. Those 6 swimmers distribute points among themselves in this order: 1st place – 7 points, 2nd place – 5 points, 3rd – 4 points, 4th – 3 points, 5th – 2 points, 6th – 1 point. In relay competition only one team per nation can score the points, which are 14 points for 1st place, 10 points for 2nd place and 8 points for 3rd place in nations classification. If a relay team (or a swimmer) did not start, did not finish or get disqualified country automatically receives 0 points penalty for that event. Country with the most points wins overall championships.[1]


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Year City Venue Date Overall winner
2009 Lithuania Alytus Alytus Sports and Recreation Centre February 28 – March 1  Lithuania[2]
2010 Estonia Tartu March 6–7  Lithuania[3]
2011 Latvia Riga Ķīpsala Pool March 12–13  Lithuania[4]
2012 Lithuania Alytus Alytus Sports and Recreation Centre March 9–10  Lithuania[5]
2013 Estonia Tartu March 8–9  Lithuania[6]
2014 Latvia Riga Ķīpsala Pool March 7–8  Lithuania[7]


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