BM-30 Smerch

BM-30 Smerch

9A52-2 "Smerch" launch vehicle
Type Multiple rocket launcher
Place of origin Soviet Union , Russia
Service history
In service 1989 – present
Production history
Designer Splav State Research and Production Enterprise
Designed 1980s
Manufacturer Splav State Research and Production Enterprise
Produced 1989 – present
Variants See Variants
Weight 43.7 t
Length 12 m (39 ft 4 in)
Width 3.05 m (10 ft)
Height 3.05 m (10 ft)
Crew 3

Caliber 300 mm (12 in)
Barrels 12
Maximum firing range 90 km (56 mi)

9M55 or 9M528 rockets
Engine V-12 diesel D12A-525A
525 hp (391 kW)
Suspension 8×8 wheeled
850 km (530 mi)
Speed 60 km/h (37 mph)
9K58 «Smerch» in Saint-Petersburg Artillery museum
9T234-2 transporter-loader of 9K58
9A52-2 launch vehicle of 9K58 / BM-30 Smerch MLRS
9K58 Smerch (IDELF-2008 - Ministry of Defence of Russia exposition)

The BM-30 Smerch (Russian: Смерч, "whirlwind") or 9A52-2 Smerch-M is a Soviet heavy multiple rocket launcher. The system is designed to defeat personnel, armored, and soft-skinned targets in concentration areas, artillery batteries, command posts and ammunition depots. It was created in the early 1980s and entered service in the Soviet Army in 1989.[1] When first observed by the West in 1983, it received the code MRL 280mm M1983. It is expected to be superseded by the 9A52-4 Tornado.

Operational history

The first confirmed combat uses of the Smerch were in two war zones in 2014. Syrian military forces used the system against rebel forces in 2014 during the Syrian civil war.[2] It was also used by Ukrainian government forces to deliver explosive and cluster munitions to Donetsk and Lugansk cities during the War in Donbass.[3][4] Several have been seen in use by pro-Russian rebels.[5][6] The Russian Ground Forces used the BM-30 in Syria in October 2015 during the Russian intervention in Syria.[7]


The main components of the RSZO 9K58 "Smerch" system are the following:

The 300mm rockets with a firing range of 70 and 90 km and various warheads have been developed for the Smerch MLRS.

The 9A52-2 vehicle with the automated system ensures:

General characteristics

Salvo Time: 12 rounds in 38 seconds

Rocket projectiles

Variant Rocket Warhead Self-destruct time Range
Name Type Weight Length Weight Submunition Min. Max.
9M55K Cluster munition, anti-personnel 800 kg 7.6 m 243 kg 72 × 1.75 kg, each with 96 fragments (4.5g each) 110 sec 20km 50km
9M55K1 Cluster munition, self-guided anti-tank 243 kg 5 × 15 kg
9M55K4 Cluster munition, AT minelets. 243 kg 25 × 5 kg mines 24 hour
9M55K5 HEAT/HE-Fragmentation. 243 kg 646 × 0.25 kg (up to 120 mm RHA armor-piercing) 260 sec
9M55F separable HE-Fragmentation 258 kg
9M55C Thermobaric 243 kg
9M528 HE-Fragmentation 815 kg 243 kg 25km 90km



Map of BM-30 operators in blue with former operators in red
Ukrainian BM-30 Smerch launchers during a military parade
Kuwaiti BM-30 Smerch launchers during a military parade in Kuwait
Indian BM-30 Smerch launchers on Indian built Tatra trucks during a military parade

Current operators

Former operators

Similar systems

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BM-30 Smerch with projectile as a monument to A.N. Ganichev in Tula city


External video
300mm Smerch Multiple Rocket Launcher:
0:48 - Cluster - fragmentation
1:30 - Separable HE-Frag warhead
2:00 - Cluster - self-guided EFP (AT) elements
3:00 - Cluster - anti-tank mines
3:30 - Cluster - shaped charge/frag elements
3:50 - Unmanned aerial vehicle
5:20 - Thermobaric warhead
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