Aspen MLT

Aspen MLT
Founded 2003
Founder Michael Turner
Country of origin  United States
Headquarters location Santa Monica, California
Key people Michael Turner
Publication types Comics
Official website

Aspen MLT is a California entertainment company founded in 2003 by artist Michael Turner. It has locations in Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey. The company is best known for producing comic books and figurines.


The company was created by comic book artist Michael Turner in January 2003. The name "Aspen" comes from the main character in Turner's comic series, Fathom, with "MLT" standing for Turner's full name, Michael Layne Turner. Aspen MLT released the fantasy adventure Soulfire in 2004, its first ongoing series. 2005 marked the return of Fathom (originally published by Image Comics) with comic artist Koi Turnbull taking over the illustration of the title. Ekos, a collaboration between Turner and Geoff Johns was scheduled to follow shortly after Soulfire, but was still unreleased prior to Turner's death in 2008.

In 2001, Top Cow Productions announced a live-action Fathom feature film and supposedly entered into an agreement with James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment to co-produce the film.[1]




Aspen MLT has worked together with both DC Comics and Marvel Comics on major cross-company collaborations. The most well-known are DC's Superman: Godfall and Superman/Batman: Supergirl, where creators of Aspen MLT worked together with DC to create art and story for these comics. Following this, both DC and Marvel contracted Michael Turner to produce covers for their series.

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