Antonio Lindbäck

Antonio Lindbäck
Born (1985-05-05) 5 May 1985
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nickname Anton, Rio Rocket
Nationality Sweden Sweden
Website Official Website
Current club information
Polish league MRGARDEN GKM Grudziądz
Swedish league Indianerna and Masarna
Danish league Outrup
Russian league Turbina
Career history
2001-2007 Masarna
2008 Vargarna
2009-2010 Piraterna
2011- Indianerna
Speedway Grand Prix statistics
2009 Number 16
Starts 68
Podiums 10 (2-1-7)
Finalist 13 time
Winner 2 times
Individual honours
2004 European Under-19 Champion
2005 Scandinavian Under-21 Champion
2015 Swedish Champion
2004, 2011 Grand Prix Challenge Winner
Team honours
2004, 2015 Speedway World Cup Winner

Antonio Lindbäck (born 5 May 1985 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)[1] is an international motorcycle speedway rider who currently competes in the Speedway World Championship, finishing eighth in 2016, and was a member of the Swedish team who won the Speedway World Cup in 2004[2] and 2015.

Career highlights

Lindbäck made his international debut in 2004 with firstly a wild card ride in the Speedway Grand Prix series but he made a bigger impression in the Speedway World Cup riding for the Swedish team. He became the European Under-19 Champion in 2004 and Scandinavian Under-21 Champion in 2005.

He made his full SGP debut in 2005 finishing 10th both in that season and the subsequent 2006 championship.

Prior to the final 2007 Speedway Grand Prix round in Gelsenkirchen, it was announced that Lindbäck had decided to retire from speedway. But in 2008, Lindbäck was deciding to return to speedway, starting in the second league in Sweden. He continued his professional career in 2009.

Lindbäck won his first Grand Prix in the 2012 Speedway Grand Prix of Italy in Terenzano.[3][4]

Current clubs

At the end of the 2007 season Antonio Lindbäck announced that he retired, but made a quick comeback competing for Vargarna in the Swedish second division allsvenskan and he was a major force in bringing the club to the playoff finale. Before the start of the 2009 season he moved to another club called Piraterna.[5] He is also included in the Swedish national team.[6]

Lindbäck was qualified to the 2012 Speedway Grand Prix via the Grand Prix Challenge.

Speedway Grand Prix results

  permanent speedway rider
  wild card, track reserve or qualified reserve
  rider not classified (track reserve who did not start)

SGP Podiums

  1. Denmark Copenhagen 2005 - 3rd place
  2. Czech Republic Prague 2006 - 3rd place
  3. Latvia Daugavpils 2006 - 2nd place
  4. Sweden Gothenburg 2009 - 3rd place
  5. Sweden Gothenburg 2011 - 3rd place
  6. Italy Terenzano 2011 - 3rd place
  7. Italy Terenzano 2012 - 1st place
  8. United Kingdom Cardiff 2012 - 3rd place
  9. Sweden Målilla 2012 - 3rd place
  10. Poland Toruń 2012 - 1st place
  11. Sweden Målilla 2015 - 3rd place
  12. United Kingdom Cardiff 2016 - 1st place

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