Andrew Tombes

Andrew Tombes (29 June 1885—17 March 1976) was an American comedian and character actor.

The son of a grocer, originally from Ashtabula, Ohio, Tombes had a significant career as a vaudeville comic. By December 1914 he'd appeared in the headlining act for the opening of the Kansas City Orpheum Theatre.[1]

He successfully ascended to Broadway comedies beginning in 1917, in the revue Miss 1917, and appeared there consistently through the 1920s, for instance in Poor Little Ritz Girl in 1920, Tip-Toes in 1925, and the Ziegfeld Follies of 1922 and 1927.

Tombes' first film appearances were in 1933, already approaching 50 years old. He made a total of about 150 films for various studios.

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