Andreas Poach

Andreas Poach (c.1515 April 2, 1585) was a German Lutheran theologian and Reformer.

Poach was born in Eilenburg. In 1530 he was admitted to the University of Wittenberg. In 1538, he obtained his Master's and remained until 1541 at the University of Wittenberg. He was an editor of Luther's Table Talk, was deacon at Halle, Saxony-Anhalt, archdeacon at Jena, pastor at Nordhausen, Erfurt, and Utenbach, and professor at Erfurt. [1]

During the Second Antinomian Controversy, he took the Philippist position that since salvation is not through the law, the working of the law is not necessary in conversion; the Gospel alone being sufficient. The Gnesio-Lutherans considered him to be an antinomian because of this viewpoint. Ultimately, his views were rejected in the Formula of Concord in the fifth article, On the Law and the Gospel[2] and in the sixth article, On the Third Use of the Law.[3] He died in Utenbach.



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