Ancient Arabic units of measurement


1/16 Arabic foot ~2.25 cm A finger-length
cabda قبضة 1/4 Arabic foot ~9 cm A palm-length
Arabic foot قدم عربية ~32 cm
cubit ذراع Cubit, traditionally 2 Arabic feet, later 1.5 Arabic feet A cubit-length
orgye 6 Arabic feet ~1.92 m A pace-length
qasab قصبة 12 Arabic feet ~3.84 m A cane-length
seir 600 Arabic feet ~192 m Also noted as a stadion, a stadium-length.
ghalva 720 Arabic feet ~230.4 m
parasang 18,000 Arabic feet ~5.76 km From Ancient Mesopotamian (Iraqi) parasang. Roughly analogous to an English league.
barid بريد 4 parasang ~23.04 km
marhala مرحلة 8 parasang ~46.08 km A village-length.

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