Alan M. Kent

Alan M. Kent (born 1967, St Austell, Cornwall) is a Cornish poet,[1] dramatist, novelist, editor, academic and teacher. He is the author of a number of works on Cornish and Anglo-Cornish literature. Alan can be heard reading his poem 'Abandoning Blackpool' [2] at the Rescorla Festival (2008).


In August 1997 The Times reported that poems by Kent had copied from the Scottish Gaelic language poet Derick Thomson. Kent had apparently copied a number of poems and just changed the names of places and people, locating them in Cornwall, instead of Scotland.[3]

Selected works

Academic work

Editorial work

Other works on Cornwall and the Cornish

Creative writing - Poetry

Creative writing - Plays

Anthony Payne is the subject of Alan M. Kent's play Oogly Es Sin.

Creative writing - Novels

Creative writing - Children's Literature


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