Adhur Gushnasp

Adhur Gushnasp
Marzban of Persian Armenia
In office
Monarch Peroz I
Preceded by Adhur Hormizd
Succeeded by Sahak II Bagratuni
Personal details
Born Unknown
Died Unknown
Marzpanate Armenia

Adhur Gushnasp, known in Armenian sources as Arderveshnasp was a Sasanian commander and the fourth marzban of Persian Armenia from 465 to 481.[1]


In 465, Adhur Gushnasp was appointed by the Sasanian shah Peroz I as the marzban of Armenia, replacing Adhur Hormizd.[2] In 475, the Mamikonian princess Shushanik, was murdered by her husband Prince Varsken, a recent convert to Zoroastrianism, because she refused to convert and wanted to stay Christian. Varsken was then executed by Vakhtang I, king of Iberia. Peroz I sent an army to punish Vakhtang for intervening. However, Vakhtang was joined by the Armenians, and a revolt broke out in Armenia, led by Vahan I Mamikonian. Adhur Gushnasp then abandoned Dvin to escape the Armenian rebels, and took refugee in Artashat, where he began raising an army in order to make a counter-attack. The Armenian insurgents then made Sahak II Bagratuni the new marzban of Armenia.[3]

Adhur Gushnasp raised an army of 7,000 horsemen, and attacked the Armenians at Akori, he was however, defeated and killed.[4]


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Preceded by
Adhur Hormizd
Marzban of Persian Armenia
Succeeded by
Sahak II Bagratuni
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