Adana Eyalet

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Eyalet-i Adana
Eyalet of the Ottoman Empire

Adana Eyalet in 1609
Capital Adana[1]
  Established 1608
  Disestablished 1865
Today part of  Turkey

The Eyalet of Adana (Ottoman Turkish: ایالت ادنه; Eyālet-i Adana)[2] was an eyalet of the Ottoman Empire, established in 1608,[3] when it was separated from the Eyalet of Aleppo.[4] Its reported area in the 19th century was 11,409 square miles (29,550 km2).[5]


The Ramadanids played a key role in 15th-century Ottoman-Mamluk relations, being a buffer state located in the Mamluk al-'Awasim frontier zone. In 1517, Selim I incorporated the beylik into the Ottoman Empire after his conquest of the Mamluk state. The beys of Ramadanids held the administration of the Ottoman sanjak of Adana in a hereditary manner until 1608.

Administrative divisions

Sanjaks between 1700 and 1740:[6]
  1. Adana Sanjak (Paşa Sancağı , Adana)
  2. Tarsus Sanjak (Tarsus)
  3. Sis Sanjak (Sis Sansağı, Kozan)
  4. Ichil Sanjak (İçil Sancağı or İçel Sancağı, Anamur-Silifke)
  5. Alaya Sanjak (Alâ'iyye Sancağı, Alanya)
Sanjaks in the mid-19th century:[7]
  1. Adana Sanjak
  2. Tarsus Sanjak
  3. Alayeh Sanjak
  4. Sis Sanjak
  5. Piyas Sanjak (Payas?)
  6. Anemur Sanjak
  7. Selefkeh Sanjak


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